US police robot inventory

After a sniper in Dallas killed 5 police officers during a protest against police brutality that was supposed to be a peace-seeking event, Dallas police let arobotThe bomb was delivered to one of the suspects, killing him.

US police robot inventory

That’s right: bomb disposal Robots are being used as weapons. Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the robots are often used to defuse bombs, and this is the first time it has delivered bombs outside the battlefield. Dan Gettinger, from the Center for Drone Research at Bard College, said: “Robocop may have been used in unusual circumstances before, but it was never intended to kill a suspect. I think in this case, the police Such a strategy may be an ad hoc decision.”

Although the use of such a bomb disposal robot to deliver bombs is unusual, it is very common in the United States. This map, produced by the Center for Drone Research at Bard College, shows the distribution of military robots owned by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States.

The map was drawn in June 2015. It shows the distribution of retired military robots in major cities in the United States. The city of Dallas is on the list, and the Dallas Police Department has a bomb disposal robot on it. The FBI is in Dallas. The city branch also has such robots. According to the 2012 Dallas Metropolitan Police Department Resource Statement, the Dallas Metropolitan Police Department has three different types of robots, all of which are capable of handling dangerous equipment and allowing officers to conduct inspections without being exposed to the danger.

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Defense’s 1033 program, there are more and more robots in major cities in the United States, and civilian law enforcement agencies can also use redundant equipment. This 1033 program has been under supervision until now. (It’s worth pointing out that the origin of the robot in the Dallas Police Department is unknown, it may have come from some US military.)

The U.S. military has signed a contract with Northrop Grumman, which will provide the U.S. military with bomb disposal robots, although the contract does not limit delivery times or quantities. Police departments across the U.S. routinely use such robots to determine the death of a suspect or to deliver pizza to someone in mortal danger. In New Mexico in 2014, the Albuquerque Police Department used a robot to deliver chemical weapons during a confrontation with a man with a gun. This makes the opponent surrender.

The man later said in an interview: “When they brought the robot over, I was thinking what is it, you know? They dropped a grenade in and it started to smoke, but I threw it out again.”

These circumstances don’t mean people are going to develop new uses for robots, Gettinger said: “I don’t think their function will change, and it’s pretty bizarre for a robot to have the ability to deliver lethal weapons in a police station. But it does respond. The technical types and systems of military robots need some changes when they enter the civilian population.”

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