United Nuclear Technology: Unmanned forklifts create a new highland for intelligent warehousing and logistics

With the continuous upgrading of Industrial logistics automation and intelligent manufacturing, industrial logistics equipment is also constantly innovating, releasing more vitality and productivity. As one of the representative products of factory and logistics intelligence and automation, the unmanned forklift can realize the repetitive handling of production elements without interruption 24 hours a year, greatly improving the operation efficiency. Therefore, with the advantages of safety, reliability, precision and efficiency, smart forklifts are gradually replacing traditional manual forklifts and are widely used in manufacturing.

In 2021, the sales volume of AGV unmanned forklifts in China will be 7,375 units, a year-on-year increase of 110.71%. With the gradual deepening of “machine substitution”, the rigid demand for unmanned forklifts will further emerge, and the market potential is huge.

Regarding the development trend and trend of the industry, recently, OFweek interviewed Xu Bing, general manager of Hangzhou United Nuclear Technology Co., Ltd., to understand the current situation of unmanned forklifts and look forward to the future direction.

Develop together with the unmanned forklift industry

Before working on unmanned forklifts, Mr. Xu Bing worked inrobotAnd the traditional unmanned forklift industry, realizing that traditional forklifts are undergoing major changes, and automation equipment has shown great vitality, he decisively entered the unmanned forklift industry,Founded Hangzhou Lianhe Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017, focusing on unmanned forklift system solutions. At present, it has more than 50 national patents and software copyrights, and has been rated as “Hangzhou Young Eagle Plan Enterprise”, “Technology Enterprise”, “Hundred Talents Plan Enterprise” and “National High-tech Enterprise”.

Based on the accumulation in the field of forklifts, the promotion of policies and the needs of the market, Unicore already has complete technical capabilities from unmanned forklift body design to upper-level software development, and has a full range of unmanned forklift products and intelligent storage software products.

At this stage, the traditional logistics automation industry is basically dominated by large system integrators such as Beijing Academy of Sciences. They have outstanding capabilities in special equipment and abundant resources, but inDigitizingAbility to be further improved. Lianhe believes that the logistics automation industry based on the manufacturing industry is forming a new pattern, and enterprises with intelligence and information capabilities are emerging, giving new impetus to the industry. Lianhe is the most competitive among these enterprises a member.

Technical strength creates strong products

In the face of the ever-changing market structure, United Nuclear is also constantly shaping its own competitive advantages.

The company’s core team has more than 10 years of working experience in the field of forklifts and mobile Robots, and can provide users with one-stop services such as planning consultation, scheme design, system integration, project implementation, and after-sales support.

United Nuclear Technology: Unmanned forklifts create a new highland for intelligent warehousing and logistics

In terms of hardware, United Core is not only capable of research and development, but also has production capacity.At present, it has 11 models of unmanned forklift products in 4 categories (handling type, stacking type, balanced heavy duty, and full forward movement type), covering more than 95% of the three-dimensional handling scenarios of pallet materials in industrial environments. At the same time, it is equipped with a self-developed vehicle control system, which supports multiple navigation modes such as laser and vision, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach up to ±10mm.

All products are equipped with high-precision laser radar, infraredsensorsafety edge, anti-collision laser and other multi-sensor fusion safety protection strategies can effectively ensure the safety of personnel and goods during equipment operation, and support optional 3D obstacle avoidance, pallet recognition, shelf height recognition, and fork force feedback functions Various advanced functions.

United Nuclear Technology: Unmanned forklifts create a new highland for intelligent warehousing and logistics

In terms of software, United Nuclear has a complete software product line covering the whole process of unmanned forklift business, covering the vehicle end, field end and cloud.Considering the flexible and changeable operation process of the warehousing and logistics industry, the Unicore software system is built based on a low-code approach. Customers can quickly adjust the business logic according to their different needs, bringing customers a more portable automation experience.

Lianhe believes that only unmanned forklifts cannot provide real value to customers,Only solving customer business level problems is the coreTo this end, United Nuclear has created a systematic solution from software to hardware, and based on this, it has created its own competitive advantage.

Taking high-level access as an example, the hardware products of Lianhe can quickly and accurately identify pallet identification, shelf identification and cargo space. Once there is a change in the shelf or ground subsidence, the forklift can adjust the operation in time, and the software system will also judge the risk in time. Give new command or call staff to ensure safe and smooth operation from both hardware and software aspects.

Deeply cultivate the industry and empower users

Currently,Lianhe’s products are mainly used in high-access warehouses and production line distribution, and have been widely used in industries such as electric power, military industry, medicine, and auto parts.Mr. Xu Bing said that as long as there is a demand, Unicore will bring intelligent and automated products and experience to customers.

For the lithium battery industry where automation equipment has been competing to enter the market in recent years, United Nuclear has already made plans. At present, there are projects in the process of landing. Its main advantage is reflected in the cluster scheduling system independently developed by United Nuclear, which benefits from advanced scheduling algorithms and With high intelligent decision-making ability, the system supports dynamic planning of driving routes, automatic unlocking of complex routes and other functions, and has the management capability of hundreds of unmanned forklifts and the docking capability of multi-brand models. .

future,Based on the high load capacity of forklifts and the organizational capacity of the cluster dispatching system, United Nuclear Technology will focus on high-load, high-position, high-density access scenarios,From the perspective of application, avoid homogeneous competition. While continuing to cultivate technology, polish products and deepen scene applications, we will continue to grasp the needs of the industry and users, and bring more and better overall solutions for smart manufacturing and smart logistics.

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