UDI Robot won the CITE 2017 Innovative Product and Application Award

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On April 9, the fifth Chinadigital informationThe expo (CITE 2017) was officially opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and UDI Technology debuted with iterative products.That night, in the “CITE Innovation Night” selection, UdirobotWon the CITE 2017 Innovative Product and Application Award.

UDI Robot won the CITE 2017 Innovative Product and Application Award

The “CITE 2017 Innovative Product and Application Award” is produced by an expert committee composed of experts and scholars, industry associations, consulting agencies, and the media, according to indicators such as product technology leadership, market competitiveness, and design novelty. This award is a major award in the electronic information industry, representing the development vane of new products and new applications.

artificial intelligence is the focus and hotspot of this conference, and the related award-winning brands have received high attention. It is reported that UDI Technology is a leading wheeled robot brand in the industry. Its walking technology is based on the unmanned technology framework, and it innovatively integrates six walking segments. The walking and obstacle avoidance is precise and flexible, ensuring that the robot can complete the transportation task well.

UDI Robot won the CITE 2017 Innovative Product and Application Award

Youdi Technology is the first to enter and is also the service robot brand with the most distribution in the KTV market. At present, Youdi Technology has reached cooperation with national chain KTV brands such as Pure K, Haoledi, Yinledi, and Cash Box. Its Robots can not only effectively drain traffic to stores, but also deepen the brand of KTV brand fashion and trendy, winning customers. ‘s praise.

Occupying the KTV market, Youdi Technology also plans to enter the catering market. It is understood that the next-generation smart food delivery vehicle of UDI Technology is already under development and is expected to be launched this year.

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