Two years later, one robot for every 100 “Changsha people”

held on December 18robotAt the industry promotion conference, Hunan Shiwei Robot signed a contract with Jinsheng Fireworks, marking the entry of advanced robot integration companies from other provinces into the local advantageous Industrial market in Hunan. The picture shows the robot products developed by Hunan Shiwei Robot Company.

The rapid development of the Robot Industry in the Yuhua Economic Development Zone is due to the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of the Robot Industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) issued by Changsha in September last year. The “Plan” pointed out that within three years from 2015 to 2017, the municipal government will invest 100 million yuan to reward and support the development of the robot industry and the promotion and application of robot products.industryrobotThe industrial demonstration park is the cradle, and the first batch of “Changsha-born” high-end industrial Robots has been hatched.

Two years later, one robot for every 100 “Changsha people”

 The density of industrial robots reaches 100 units/10,000 people

Industrial robots are a strategic emerging industry and an important symbol to measure the level of industrialization and technology. At the press conference of Changsha’s “Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of the Robot Industry” on September 19 last year, the person in charge of the Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology said that the release of the “Plan” means that Changsha has fully launched the “Three-Year Action Plan”.machine substitution“The project will comprehensively promote the transformation of Changsha manufacturing to Changsha’s “intelligent” manufacturing, and seize the industrial highland of intelligent manufacturing in the central region.

The “Plan” proposes that by the end of 2017, the production capacity of Changsha’s Industrial Robot industry will exceed 10 billion yuan; the large-scale application of industrial robots will be realized in the city’s key industrial fields, and the projects that Changsha people are familiar with and good at will be realized.mechanical, fireworks, firecrackers, food processing and other fields, are encouraged to introduce robots. The density of industrial robots reached 100 units per ten thousand people, which means that at the end of 2017, one out of every 100 “Changsha people” was a robot.

 Plans to build the first robotics research institute in central China

How to achieve the goals of the three-year plan? Funding and policy support will be powerful levers. It is reported that the 100 million yuan support reward has a high gold content: the overall enterprise of local production is subsidized by 20% of the price (or lease price) of the whole machine, within 100,000 yuan for a single unit, and within 2 million yuan for a single enterprise; Enterprises applying robot complete sets of equipment will be subsidized by 10% of the price (or lease price) of the complete machine, 500,000 yuan per set of complete equipment, and 5 million yuan for a single enterprise. A well-known industrial robot company and a core parts manufacturer, moved its headquarters to Changsha, invested more than 100 million yuan to build a production base, and gave a one-time relocation subsidy of 10 million yuan; moved its regional headquarters to Changsha, and invested more than 100 million yuan to build production Base, a one-time subsidy of 5 million yuan. Yuhua Economic and Technological Development Zone will also provide the support policy of “three exemptions and two reductions”: where Robotic companies settle in the park, the rent for the first three years of leasing standard workshops will be reduced or exempted.

In addition to funding and policies, the Plan will also provide intellectual support.After Changtai Robot Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to China Light Industry Group, entered Yuhua Economic Development Zone, it established with Central South University and Hunan University.robot technologyInnovation Lab. Yang Yang, general manager of Changtai Robot Co., Ltd., told the reporter of Sanxiang Metropolis Daily “Chuang Weekly” that Changsha Science and Technology Bureau has entrusted it to take the lead in contacting domestic and foreign robotics research institutes to build Hunan’s first robotics research institute in the park to serve the robotics industry. Development provides planning and technical support, “currently this work is in full swing.”

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