“Two-wheel drive” accelerates high-quality development, and Siemens empowers the circle of friends in this way!

The world today is facing unprecedented changes. From market changes to environmental crisis, from technological revolution to Industrial transformation, how can enterprises fulfill the mission of the times? And how to create and empower the circle of friends? Siemens has given its own answer.

Just today, Dr. Xiao Song, Chairman, President and CEO of Siemens China, attended the 5th Tianfu Annual Meeting of Entrepreneurs in Chengdu. Around the theme of “Mission of the Times: High-quality Development of Technology and Industry”, he had a great discussion with many political, business and academic leaders. Business ideas, discuss exchanges and cooperation, and write a new chapter of development.

“Two-wheel drive” accelerates high-quality development, and Siemens empowers the circle of friends in this way!

“How did Siemens break through the torrent of history and survive countless challenges? Our answer is: take a long-term view, keep pace with the times, and consistently adhere to technological innovation.” Dr. Xiao Song said in his speech at the annual conference.

Now that uncertainty has become the norm, Siemens shoulders the responsibility of the times with the “two-wheel drive” of digitalization and low carbonization. “Two-wheel drive” is the key to achieving high-quality industrial development, and the core of its technology is digital twins, which integrate the real and digital worlds, he added.

The Tianfu Annual Meeting of Entrepreneurs is based in Sichuan, perceives the west, and looks at the whole country. It has gradually developed into a symbolic exchange event in western China, contributing “Tianfu Wisdom” to economic and social development. At this annual meeting, Dr. Xiao Song also had in-depth exchanges with partners in the circle of friends such as New Hope, Tongwei, Feihe and Wuliangye to expand new cooperation opportunities.

Among them, Tongwei Group is a “dual material” leading enterprise in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and new energy. In 2022, Tongwei will be ranked among the top 50 sustainable industrial enterprises in China by Forbes, its brand value will rank first among private enterprises in Sichuan, and it will continue to rank first in the two major industries of global aquatic products and photovoltaics.

The cooperation between Siemens and Tongwei has a long history. At present, Siemens’ innovative software and hardware products and solutions have been widely used in Tongwei’s high-purity crystalline silicon production, solar cell and module production, and photovoltaic power generation.

“Two-wheel drive” accelerates high-quality development, and Siemens empowers the circle of friends in this way!

Dr. Xiao Song held talks with Liu Hanyuan, chairman of the board of directors of Tongwei Group, to deeply explore the cooperation potential in the fields of digital construction, smart comprehensive energy, smart low-carbon parks, and smart agriculture and animal husbandry.

Liu Hanyuan said during the meeting: “Tongwei is committed to the ‘dual green development’ of green agriculture and green energy, while Siemens leads industrial transformation with cutting-edge technology. The road to carbon neutrality has a long way to go, and we are very happy to have a like-minded partner like Siemens. , I hope that the two sides will continue to gather strength to jointly create new advantages and cultivate new kinetic energy for China’s energy transformation.”

“Siemens and Tongwei have the same pursuit of innovation, and shoulder the same mission of the times to promote the high-quality development of technology and industry.” Dr. Xiao Song said, “It is precisely because of this responsibility that we propose the ‘two-wheel drive ‘ will not only empower Tongwei’s business development, but also inject infinite vitality into our mutually beneficial and win-win ecosystem.”

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