Turck intelligent I/O condition monitoring: the “shepherd dog” of the packaging industry

With the continuous enrichment of human business activities, a wide range of commodities has created a huge packaging industry. As a typical light industry, the packaging industry is characterized by high gross profit, fast turnover, and low inventory. On the one hand, the packaging industry has been squeezed by the profits of upstream and downstream enterprises. On the other hand, the introduction of various restrictive policies in China has forced the transformation and upgrading of packaging enterprises. To ensure the healthy development of enterprises, they must pass cost control and technological improvement. to fulfill.

Turck intelligent I/O condition monitoring: the “shepherd dog” of the packaging industry

From the perspective of the entire packaging industry, there are generally shortcomings of low digitalization and low technical content. Taking the output status monitoring of paper press machines in packaging companies as an example, most domestic companies still rely on manual or basic optical sensor status monitoring, which not only increases the production cost of the company, but also causes slow improvement in production efficiency. Reminiscent of the development of animal husbandry, from human grazing to “shepherd dogs” taking on the driving task to assist people in grazing, which greatly improves the efficiency of grazing and liberates human productivity. Is there a “shepherd dog” that can be used for paper press machines in packaging companies to replace manpower and eliminate outdated basic optical sensor monitoring, so as to improve packaging companies’ status monitoring of paper press machines, reduce costs and increase efficiency? Turck’s intelligent I/O condition monitoring system provides a perfect solution.

  The “shepherd dog” of the packaging press

This complete solution can automatically provide packaging company employees with status monitoring information from laser sensors and intelligent I/O modules. In the process of manual monitoring of the output of the paper press, the status of the paper press can be monitored by visual observation, so as to Determining when the bundles of the two presses had reached their maximum limit and had to be removed was not only inefficient but also a safety hazard due to the fatigue of long-term monitoring. However, because of the installation of the Turck intelligent I/O status monitoring module, the status monitoring is handed over to the TBEN-S COMPACT I/O module with the ARGEE integrated field logic controller. The work can be assigned to the right position. Turck’s TBEN-S COMPACT I/O status monitoring module with ARGEE integrated field logic controller can be directly operated as an independent controller on site, saving employees from constantly checking and processing in adjacent rooms. The process saves a lot of time, eliminates potential safety hazards, improves work efficiency, and improves the benefits of the enterprise.

  Introduce the old and bring forth the new to break through the tradition

In order to carry out accurate condition monitoring of paper press output, packaging companies must implement a condition monitoring system that can provide paper bale production. This is a task that the basic light sensor is not capable of. Using the basic light sensor for status monitoring cannot ensure correct timing shutdown. Production status monitoring of a paper press requires a sensor that not only provides switching information but also measures distance so that the sensor can only switch within a specified switching distance. However, when the basic optical sensor performs condition monitoring, it cannot identify passing colleagues and employees who use forklifts to carry paper bundles. They will also be detected by the sensor as paper bundles, which affects the accuracy of condition monitoring. In addition, the installation position of the condition monitoring sensor is also restricted. Due to the structural factors of the paper press machine, there is a rolling door on the side wall, which makes it impossible to install the sensor on the most convenient side.

Compared with basic light sensors for condition monitoring, Turck’s intelligent I/O condition monitoring solution has two significant advantages:

One is that Turck’s intelligent I/O status monitoring solution uses distributed intelligence without a control cabinet, and it can be installed in any location without being restricted by the installation location. According to feedback from users who have used Turck’s intelligent I/O status monitoring system, in the field test, Turck’s I/O module with ARGEE integrated programming environment uses a laser ranging sensor, relying on the sensor and Combined with a compact controller, it is possible to evaluate the data and trigger the appropriate signals, thanks to the I/O status monitoring module with the ARGEE integrated programming environment, which is compact, suitable for any location and offers a degree of protection up to IP67, so there is no need for Then install the control cabinet. In Turck’s intelligent I/O status monitoring system, each sensor can be designed with special functions for different applications to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios.

Second, Turck’s intelligent I/O status monitoring solution realizes real-time and intuitive programming, which solves the problem that basic optical sensors are prone to misjudgment in status monitoring.

In Turck’s intelligent I/O status monitoring solution, through ARGEE programming, the timer can be programmed as a condition to set the timing time. For example, choose to set the status monitoring timer to 45 seconds to effectively avoid possible error messages caused by people in the beam or passing forklifts when monitoring the output status of the paper press. In existing cases, the LTF12 laser sensor detects the output of the paper y, and displays the working status of the paper press through the TL50 LED indicator installed outside the room. The TL50 LED indicator does not have a buzzer. Of course, according to the actual situation of the workshop, It is very convenient to install directly on the machine, in the cabinet or monitor the production line. The status of the paper press can be indicated at any time by visual and acoustic means. If the status monitoring signal is triggered for 45 seconds, the TL50 LED green indicator will turn yellow immediately, and the alarm will be turned on at the same time, reminding the factory employees to check on the site and take appropriate measures. The red indicator light is triggered by the “Balemaster” controller and will only light up when the paper press fails. The advantage of this is that this setting provides additional safety and allows employees to concentrate on their work Because of their own work, they only need to intervene when the status monitoring TL50 LED signal is activated, which greatly saves manpower, improves work efficiency, and reduces hidden dangers of interference.

To improve the core competitiveness of the packaging industry, precision and innovation are two of the key points. Turck will give full play to its strengths, start with solving the packaging industry problems for customers, and provide a series of packaging industry automation solutions to meet the needs of the industry and make intelligent I /O condition monitoring solutions benefit more enterprises.

If you want to know more specific products and successful application cases included in Turck’s Industrial intelligent condition monitoring system, please continue to pay attention to us!

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Turck intelligent I/O condition monitoring: the “shepherd dog” of the packaging industry

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