Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

Over the past five years, information technology (IT) has rapidly migrated to the cloud. In fact, according to Gartner, 45 percent of IT spending is expected to move to the cloud by 2024, with operational technology (OT) spending not far behind.

Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

What impact will this have? Imagine the benefits if you could simulate the design process for a new product or process before investing in the resources needed to design, debug, and optimize production. For example, the ability to provide support for customer equipment anytime, anywhere without costly travel expenses. And this is just the beginning, whether it is to accelerate innovation, improve scalability, or enhance agility, simplify operations and reduce costs, cloud software as a service (SaaS) can help realize business transformation.

Simplify the way you work

Complex working patterns have always been one of the important factors hindering the development of enterprises, and cloud SaaS just helps to simplify complex working patterns and the way of business development. Cloud technology not only enables on-demand expansion, allowing users to more easily add or remove users and computing power; and, with SaaS, users can access the latest version of related software at any time without relying on IT teams to install or maintain it. Additionally, businesses can reduce hardware and software capital expenditures as software and applications can be scaled in the cloud.

Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

Although cloud manufacturing is not intended to completely replace internal software, hardware and physical access, with the help of new functions provided by cloud manufacturing, existing systems can be extended to gain advantages such as improving efficiency and collaboration.

Raise the level of innovation

Only by persisting in innovation can we meet the ever-changing customer needs and maintain a leading edge in the competition. With cloud SaaS, users can have their own digital virtual lab where they can run tests and solve production challenges without the risk and cost of carrying out these activities in the real world.

Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

Imagine being able to collaborate easily to try out new ideas faster, at a lower cost, with less impact on current production, unlocking the greater potential of your business. Cloud SaaS not only makes this possible, but also lowers the barrier to entry. By improving data quality, increasing computing power to correlate larger data sets, and using a unified digital thread across the entire Industrial lifecycle, users can continuously optimize operations and take design iterations to new heights.

Refactoring system support methods

Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

Cloud technology makes system and device management no longer limited by time and place. With this accessibility, users can manage, configure, and initiate connections for device deployment in a fraction of the time. With this ability to quickly respond to production needs, users can find the right solution more efficiently; and if this operation can be done remotely, costly travel expenses and precious time can be avoided. Cloud-based routine remote maintenance can further reduce the probability of emergencies. However, the benefits go far beyond this, and such cloud remote access will also bring users more advantages such as a more proactive support model.

On the other hand, the data from the factory floor equipment is self-evident to drive decision-making and improve productivity. With the corresponding application scenarios, users can use these data and operational information to predict and effectively prevent unplanned downtime while the equipment is running, and improve operational efficiency. In other words, system and equipment management based on cloud technology can help enterprises shorten downtime, improve production and operation efficiency, and create more cost-saving and open-source values, especially for companies with far-flung operating sites, which will benefit a lot shallow.

Make design and transformation work more worry-free

These benefits of cloud-based SaaS are reshaping the future of automation software and were key considerations when Rockwell Automation partnered with Microsoft to develop FactoryTalk® Hub™ on the Azure platform. During this process, we found that we don’t have to start from scratch to find an ideal solution, but we can adjust and improve it by combining the excellent technologies of companies in other industries, such as Microsoft, with our technical expertise and industry accumulation in the field of automation. The production environment creates unique and immediate value.

Three Ways SaaS Can Help Transform Your Business

FactoryTalk® Design Studio™ is the new cloud-native application portal for the FactoryTalk® Hub™ suite. Starting with controller programming, it aims to provide users with a modern design environment that supports multi-controller projects, and on-demand solutions that simplify the way users collaborate across systems. Not only that, but we’ve also integrated modern software development methods with familiar automated software functions, enabling unprecedented flexibility.

#design flexibility

Some control system programmers prefer to use a graphical editor for ladder diagram programming and function block programming, which is very intuitive for maintenance personnel; however, some programmers find it more efficient to use a text-based development language. As a rule of thumb, what the programmer thinks is easy to use is often not the case for the maintainer, so the programmer has to make compromises. But today, that situation is a thing of the past.

With FactoryTalk® Design Studio™, users can choose to create and view the same logic and code as text or graphics. Programmers can rest assured that no matter which editor they use, the code they write will work in both views and perform identically. In this way, the programmer is not only free to choose the way he wants to work, but the content he delivers can also meet the needs of peers and other downstream collaborators.

#User-Centered Collaboration

As systems grow larger and more complex, and team functions become more granular, improving team collaboration becomes key. Otherwise, each team often has to act in isolation in order to avoid overlapping or conflicting work content, which affects the parallel work of programmers and slows down the progress of the entire project.

Happily, today, the software development industry has solved this problem with distributed version control systems. The system can efficiently and reliably handle projects of all sizes, and FactoryTalk® Design Studio™ leverages this proven technology to enable collaboration among users in industrial automation. With intuitive collaboration tools, automated change tracking, and conflict management capabilities, users can dramatically increase team productivity.

#Safe storage, peace of mind

Each project has a large amount of data, and as the number of projects increases, it becomes more and more difficult to clearly record files for centralized review. If a hard drive crashes or is misplaced, files can be lost. Also, consider the extra time spent upgrading project files, which can tie up computer resources and reduce engineering productivity.

To address these challenges, Rockwell Automation has developed FactoryTalk Vault. FactoryTalk Vault is a secure, cloud-native industrial file storage system that enables role-based sharing with participants and organizations to accelerate collaboration, records all changes across the system, and organizes project files into categories. There is also a version control system within FactoryTalk Vault that records any changes made to files, keeps them safe and restores them if necessary. In addition, the solution enables users to better understand designs by in-depth analysis of controller project files.

The powerful flexibility of cloud-native products combined with SaaS can support users to access anytime and anywhere, further simplifying the collaboration among team members who specialize in different responsibilities; it can also provide the ability to build, test and debug hardware in a virtual form, so as to ensure quality once Up to standard. These are the advantages delivered through FactoryTalk® Design Studio™, solutions that not only promote teamwork, but also increase productivity and bring flexibility to the next level.

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The SaaS platform is the foundation and a necessary choice for the successful transformation of an enterprise. Based on the professional technology of SaaS platform and IT/OT integration, Rockwell Automation creates more favorable conditions for the digital transformation of various enterprises, and empowers enterprises to develop high-quality digital intelligence.

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