This week’s robotics industry news at a glance

Xiaomi’srobotThe registered capital of the enterprise changed from 1 million to 200 million

On December 9, the Tianyancha information showed that Beijing Changshu Technology Co., Ltd. had a change in Industrial and commercial information on the 5th. The type of enterprise was changed from a limited liability company (wholly owned by a foreign-invested enterprise legal person) to a limited liability company (solely owned by a legal person), and the registered capital was changed from 1 million was changed to 200 million RMB, an increase of 19900%, and the corporate legal person was changed from Zhao Xinran to Yan Kesheng.

The company’s business scope has added sales of Display devices, manufacturing and sales of service consumer Robots, wholesale of hardware products,Industrial robotManufacturing and sales, installation and maintenance of industrial robots,smart robotR&D and sales, manufacturing of robots for special operations, sales of artificial intelligence hardware, retail of medical masks, etc. Xiaomi told reporters that Beijing Changshu Technology Co., Ltd. intends to be the main body of Changping Smart Factory, and its main business plans to cover mobile phone business and robot dog business. This change was made to meet business compliance.

Hikvision plans to spin off Hikvision Robotics and go public on GEM

On December 9, Hikvision announced that the company plans to spin off its holding subsidiary Hangzhou Hikvision Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hikvision Robot”) to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise market for listing. Hikvision directly holds 60% of the equity of Hikvision Robotics and is its controlling shareholder. After the spin-off is completed, Hikvision’s shareholding structure will not change, and it will still maintain its controlling stake in Hikvision Robotics.

Hikvision said that through this spin-off, Hikvision will further focus on its main business, focus on technological innovation in the fields of IoT perception, artificial intelligence and big data, and provide software-hardware integration, cloud-edge integration, and IoT-information integration. , digital and intelligence-integrated intelligent IoT serialized software and hardware products, and strengthen the whole-process service capability of large-scale and complex intelligent IoT system construction.At the same time, build Hikvision Robotics into a subsidiary of the company engaged inmachine visionand the independent listing platform of the mobile robot business, and make full use of the capital market to further increase the R&D investment of Hikvision Robot in the field of machine vision and mobile robot, so as to enhance the profitability and comprehensive competitiveness of Hikvision Robot.

“Mobile Robot” received nearly 200 million yuan in round B financing

Intelligent logistics solution provider “Mobile Robotics” received nearly 200 million yuan in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Huaye Tiancheng, followed by Jinfeng Borun, and Xintian Venture Capital continued to increase investment. financial consultant.

This round of financing is mainly used to strengthen technology research and development and marketing team building, strengthen product research and development capabilities, and accelerate global business layout. Founded in 2019, Mobile Micro Robot mainly uses various mobile robot hardware as the carrier to provide enterprises with intelligent logistics solutions for the entire field.

OPPO builds a quadruped robot

Recently, during the Future Technology Conference, OPPO demonstrated the third-generation quadruped robot, which is equipped with a camera, supports backflips, and has a certain load capacity. The third-generation quadruped robot is more about testing the ability of the algorithm. With the support of the Pantanal intelligent cross-terminal system, its external communication ability has been further strengthened, and it can perceive emergency scenarios and make corresponding decisions.

Guoxun Robot completed tens of millions of financing

Guoxun Robot has recently completed an angel + round of financing, led by Hengzhan Capital, followed by four institutions including Xiangtian and Daosheng Capital. For this round of financing, Yiren Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor. This round of funds will be used for technology research and development and sales channel construction.

It is reported that Guoxun Robot was established in August 2021. It focuses on smart safety inspections and smart safety operations in the industrial field. It currently covers energy, chemical smelting, mining, power grids, transportation, manufacturing and other industries, serving Guohua, Huaneng, Shaanxi Coal, CRRC, Beijing Public Transport Group, Nissan Motor and many other well-known enterprises or their subsidiaries. In the early days, the core team mainly provided core technology research and development, manufacturing and other industries for several robot companies.

Zhongke Momentum completed the A-round financing of over 100 million yuan

recentlyagricultural robotThe enterprise “Zhongke Motive?” completed tens of millions of A2 rounds of financing, led by the fund of CICC Capital, and the old shareholder Zhongfa Qihang continued to follow the investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to accelerate the construction of agricultural robot product systems and build the productivity of agricultural robots in the intelligent era.

Founded in 2019 and incubated by the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongke Momentum is a high-tech enterprise of agricultural robots. The company is led by the chief scientist, honorary chairman of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and academician Li Deyi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The R&D team comes from well-known universities at home and abroad such as Tsinghua University, Berkeley, Waseda, etc., 1/4 have a doctorate degree, 1/3 have overseas study experience, and the current team exceeds 100 people.

Jingfeng? Laparoscopic surgery robot MP1000 was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for listing

On December 14th, the domestic endoscopic surgical robot with complete independent intellectual property rights—Jingfeng Porous Endoscopic Surgical Robot MP1000, was approved for marketing by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) (Registration Number: National Machinery Approval 20223011623) . It marks a major breakthrough of domestic surgical robots in the core field of laparoscopic surgical robots, which is of great significance to promote my country’s strategic highlands in the surgical Robot Industry and rapidly improve the clinical application level of Robotic surgery in my country.

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