These robots can do “rough work”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews:robotIt can not only carry out heavy work quickly, but also play backgammon with you; “Guangzhou Time-honored Brand” Battery Group has developed a floodlight that can supply power for 14 hours and has a maximum range of 100 meters; a small nail machine can take selfies. People’s favorite mobile phone albums are “printed” onto nails to form nail art patterns… Yesterday, the reporter saw at the Canton Fair that the intelligent manufacturing and innovative manufacturing of Guangzhou enterprises attracted many buyers to stop and inquire.

Intelligent Robots can do “thick and thin work”

In the Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Zone, a robot playing Gobang aroused the interest of visitors. Visitors present click on the computer panel, and the robot can place the chess on the designated point through visual grasping. This robot comes from Guangzhou Great Wheel Intelligent Company. Mr. Huang, a staff member of the company, said that this robot can be used for the production of high-precision electronic products such as audio and electronics. They have participated in the Canton Fair for more than 10 years, and many prospective partners have been reached at this Canton Fair.

Guangzhou Changren, who participated in the Canton Fair for the first timeindustryTechnology Co., Ltd., and robots also entered the exhibition area.on-site DisplayautomationMost of the robot products are to replace manual labor to do high-risk or heavy-duty work. For example, the work of machine stamping is very dangerous, and about 2 in 100 workers will hurt their hands due to work. With the automatic stamping robot, the danger of work can be greatly reduced. The handling and palletizing robot can handle 900 packages of goods per hour, and the weight of each package is between 50 and 500 kilograms.

There were also many cool robots in the SINOMACH exhibition area, one of which was touching back and forth on the air conditioner. “Many people think that this is screwing, but in fact it is testing whether the air conditioner has passed the quality test and is safe to use electricity.” According to reports, the security inspection of home appliances is cumbersome, and manual testing is likely to cause poor wiring, low detection efficiency, and possible Unsafe factors such as electric shock due to leakage current occur. Safety hazards can be avoided by using robots.

“Guangzhou Time-honored Brand” keeps innovating and intelligentillumination

As a “Guangzhou Time-honored Brand”, Guangzhou Hutou Battery Group Co., Ltd. has also been innovating. At the Canton Fair, the group’s portable LED work floodlights in the group’s exhibition area attracted much attention. This foldable LED work floodlight is small but packs a lot of power. The group manager Kong introduced that the longest range of this light can reach 1000 meters, while the range of general floodlights is only 50-100 meters, and it also has convenient functions such as 360 rotation, and the two batteries behind the lamp are fully charged. Can provide about 14 hours of lighting. Therefore, this product is very useful in earthquake relief. It is also very practical for daily outdoor parties, gatherings and other occasions. At present, this product has attracted buyers from many countries and regions such as Europe, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition, the Hutou Battery Group exhibition area also has a variety of smart lighting products connected to mobile APP programs, gradually moving towards the field of smart lighting products, and realizing home intelligence with convenience and high quality.

High-tech manicure attracts buyers to experience on-site

Yesterday afternoon, there was a particularly lively exhibition area in the Canton Fair Complex. Buyers from all over the world have done manicures in the exhibition area on three floors and three floors. It turns out that this O’2NAILS nail painting machine company from Tianhe District, Guangzhou has combined technology and nail art to create a product that can be accessed through APP. Manicure machine with nail art pattern set. This nail machine, as long as the APP is downloaded on the mobile phone and connected to the machine, the pattern settings in the mobile phone album can be “printed” on the nails. In this way, the technical threshold required for general nail art is omitted, and the nail pattern can be customized at any time very conveniently. And the armor removal bag equipped with this machine can also easily remove the pattern of phototherapy nails.

Mr. Gu, the sales representative of this technology nail company, said that they have participated in more than 10 Canton Fairs. Although they have also visited the United States and other places for exhibitions, and their customers have spread to more than 50 countries, this Canton Fair has brought them Kenya, Madagascar, etc.ExhibitionHard-to-reach customers.

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