The world’s largest!Robotic parking lot starts in Hong Kong

The increasing scarcity and tension of urban land has made the problem of difficult parking for a long time. How to solve the problem and save land has become a direction that technology companies can break through.

On September 6, the Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port Intelligent Parking Lot A (Phase 1) project held a launching ceremony in Hong Kong. The project, undertaken by CIMC IoT, a subsidiary of CIMC, will become the world’s largest robot parking lot after completion, providing 1,550 parking spaces, all of which use AGV parking Robots for automatic parking. This project has opened up a broader market imagination for the product of AGV robot parking lot.

The financing amount of the AGV industry in the first half of the year was nearly 2 billion

In recent years, with the increasing demand for intelligent upgrades in the manufacturing industry, the AGV industry has also ushered in a development trend. From the perspective of capital investment, there were 11 financing events in the AGV industry in the first half of 2022, with a total financing amount of nearly 2 billion yuan. Most of the enterprises’ financing amount was above 100 million yuan. Among them, Hairou Innovation and Future Robot were listed on the top It has received the most financing in the industry in half a year.

According to research, from 2021 to 2025, the average annual compound growth rate of China’s Industrial mobile robot market will exceed 45%. By 2025, China’s industrial mobile robot market is expected to exceed 25 billion yuan.

In addition, policy support is also a reason for the development of the AGV industry. The China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance “2021-2022 China Industrial Application Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Research Report” pointed out that “the 14th Five-Year Plan” “In the period of key support for industrial robots, the integrated application in the field of industrial manufacturing has been deepened and expanded. Facing the actual needs of intelligent transformation and upgrading in various industries, robot companies continue to innovate products and solutions, and industrial applications are gradually extending to traditional industries such as furniture and entities.

Is it worth continuing to invest and expand the AGV robot parking lot?

In the field of intelligent warehousing, AGV robots have already set off a round of outbreaks. Although the technical details of warehousing and handling robots are different, and the current market situation is incomparable, for AGV manufacturers, if the parking robot market can continue to expand with the popularity of smart parking garages, it will also be a huge market. blue ocean.

At the city level, AGV robot parking means that less land is needed to build a parking lot, and the vacancy rate is expected to be reduced, which is a headache for decision makers and planners in cities, especially big cities.

The land saved by the construction of AGV robot parking lot is a huge amount of money, which is of great significance to local governments and can effectively alleviate the problems of insufficient land reserves and insufficient funds for infrastructure construction in some cities.

On the one hand, there is market demand, and on the other hand, there is a national call. AGV robot parking lot can make up for the shortage of new energy charging equipment during the construction process. It is a win-win direction for all parties. AGV robot parking lot is an industry outlet, especially It is necessary for companies that already have industry experience and technology to ride the wind.

Some people in the industry believe that “parking lot renewal” can be regarded as a sub-concept of urban renewal. An enterprise group like CIMC has a brand and technology, and as China’s first intelligent three-dimensional garage contractor, it has independent intellectual property rights, and it has applied for the first number of approved technical invention patents. integrated to the greatest extent possible.

From this point of view, the construction of the world’s largest robot parking lot by CIMC not only demonstrates its technical strength, but also accelerates the advancement of large enterprises in the AGV track and digital infrastructure. In the future, there will be more and more enterprises and funds poured into this track, but the advantages of large enterprises will become more and more prominent due to the accumulation of technology, capital, and brand.

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