The spring of financing is here! Several robot companies have obtained financing, and robots from different tracks start together!

Near the end of the month, manyrobotThe company has made some gains in the capital market. robot companies in different tracks have obtained funds one after another, including some newly established startups. According to incomplete statistics, since 2023, the total number of Pre-A rounds of financing in the advanced manufacturing industry has exceeded 100. Let us take stock of which companies have been recognized in the recent robot market!

Spraying intelligent painting robot received tens of millions of Pre-A round of financing

It was learned on May 30 that Zhihui Robot has completed tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing. This round of financing is led by Feitu Venture Capital, followed by Yuandu Venture Capital. The financing funds will be mainly used for continuous R&D investment and expansion production and market expansion.

Zhihui Robot is a robot company focusing on the spraying field. Founded in 2021, Zhihui Robot is a young company. Before that, it received an angel round investment from Yuandu Venture Capital. , and received more than 10 million orders within half a year. It is one of the few explosion-proof certification companies in China.Spraying robotmanufacturer.

In the same year, the company focused on overcoming the robot spraying problem of wind power core accessories. After replacing manual labor with Robots, the customer’s spraying cost was reduced by half and the production capacity was doubled. Therefore, it has gained the trust of a number of customers in the industry. Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, Yutong Bus and other important customers.

The huge development space in the spraying field is also one of the main reasons investors are optimistic about. According to relevant data, China’s spraying market has reached a scale of 100 billion, but the current proportion of robots is not high. With the rise of labor costs, many companies have begun to pay attention to and try to use spraying robots. This kind of robot can not only save labor costs, but also reduce material consumption. In the next few years, the growth rate of robot shipments in the spraying industry is expected to exceed that of other industries. .

The founder of Zhihui Robot, Liu Junhui, is a graduate of Tsinghua University. Most of the core members of the company have worked in various well-known domestic robot companies. The team has rich experience in the Robot Industry.

AI+ AMR+” full-scene mobile robot Zhejiang Xinyihua received tens of millions of financing

On the same day, Zhejiang Xinyihua Intelligent Technology, a provider of all-scenario mobile robots, also completed the Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. round of financing for the development of mobile composite robots.

Zhejiang Xinyihua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company’s main products are based on composite robots, creating “AI+ AMR+” empowered intelligent manufacturing, and helping partners from all walks of life to improve production and operation linksDigitizingand intelligent level, build a modern intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service system, and provide industry customers with all-scenario mobile robot solutions.

Relevant statistics show that in 2021, the number of AGV/AMRs used in the semiconductor industry will be 510, and the market size will be 310 million. The market demand for AGV/AMR will reach tens of billions, and the market potential is huge.

Up to now, Zhejiang Xinyihua has reached cooperation with many global leaders in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries, deployed various types of robots such as backpack logistics robots, jacking logistics robots, and roller logistics robots, and continued to Improve the pan-semiconductor and 3C industry “AI+AMR+” solutions, and accelerate the application of “AI+AMR+” in the entire industry.

Divers deep blue robot over 550 million financing

On May 29, Shenzhilan Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin SME Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. jointly held a credit signing ceremony with five financial institutions including the Agricultural Bank of China. The total amount of credit signings reached 370 million yuan. At the same time, Shenzhi Blue announced that it has recently obtained 180 million yuan in equity financing, and the cumulative financing this time will exceed 550 million yuan.

Founded in 2013, Deep Blue Robotics is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of underwater intelligent equipment, focusing on the frontier of underwater intelligent unmanned systems. The key laboratory of the enterprise has obtained more than 300 patents.

Deep Blue Robot has two major business lines of industry and consumption. It has participated in the return and landing support mission of Shenzhou 13, the underwater security of the Belt and Road Leaders Summit, the search for lost divers in Panjiakou, the rescue of a bus that fell into the water in Wanzhou, and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project testing and other important projects; the consumer-grade brand Sublue provides individual users with underwater boosters, power floating boards, underwaterdronesmart surfboards and other wading sports smart products, the products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions overseas.

According to the “2020-2025 Chinaunder water robotAccording to the “Market Survey and Industry Analysis Report”, the market size of my country’s underwater robots has reached 60 billion yuan in 2020. With the continuous development of global marine resources and the enhancement of marine protection awareness, the market for underwater robots is very broad. It is expected that by 2025 The annual global underwater robot market will exceed 10 billion US dollars, which will be a great opportunity for my country’s underwater robot companies with independent intellectual property rights.

AGV developer Abbot Robot completed the angel round

It was also learned on May 29 that Abbott Robotics, a developer of energy and semiconductor AGVs, completed an angel round of financing led by Zhuoyuan Capital. Abbott Robotics is a developer of AGV and smart factory solutions in the fields of photovoltaics, lithium batteries, and semiconductors. Obtained the new model demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing in the field of solar energy manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

At present, my country’s photovoltaic, lithium battery, semiconductor and other industries are currently facing a period of contradictions between fine R&D, production management and expansion. Enterprises pursue increased production capacity and need to build digital workshops to achieve efficient automatic flow and loading and unloading between various processes. At the same time, the workshop The transportation within the country is frequent, and there is an urgent need to improve the efficiency of material transportation through intelligent methods. This is exactly the pain point of the industry that Abbott robots solve, so it has been widely favored by investors.

Abbot Robotics has established good cooperative relations with leading robot companies such as ABB and KUKA. Most of the technical team members come from excellent companies such as Han’s Robotics, ABB Robotics, and KUKA Robotics. They have rich experience in design, development and debugging. Therefore, Win the confidence of investors in the team.

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