The “safety horse” for voltage sags in enterprises – DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator

The “safety horse” for voltage sags in enterprises – DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator

Do you know what is a voltage sag? With the parallel connection of the power grid, the increasing expansion of the ring network, and the increase in distribution circuits brought about by the increase in the capacity of the feed transformer, the phenomenon of voltage sags (shocking) is becoming more and more frequent, mainly manifested as temporary voltage fluctuations in factories or equipment. dips, dips and short interruptions. The reason is that in addition to the increased probability of voltage fluctuations caused by adjacent circuit faults, natural disasters, accidents, human factors, etc. may also cause a short-term drop in the incoming grid voltage. This drop may be single-phase or three-phase. of.

According to a study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Industrial electricity customers experience an average of 66 voltage dips per year. For enterprises, voltage sag is not only one of the major problems affecting the normal operation and safe production of electrical equipment, but also brings cost expenditure, production reduction and defective products to enterprises, including manpower, equipment, property, and output as waste products. An important factor in losses such as profits. It can be seen that the voltage sag has caused a huge obstacle to the improvement of production efficiency in the manufacturing industry. So how can manufacturers flexibly address this power quality challenge?

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DySC Dynamic Voltage Sag Compensator

The DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator (abbreviated herein: DySC) from Rockwell automation is a unique and innovative industrial-grade voltage sag solution on the market today. It adopts the patented inverter technology and has perfect power protection function, which can solve the problem of voltage sag and temporary power interruption faced in the key manufacturing process, and is an ideal solution for the need of voltage sag protection. What’s more, the solution has no batteries and no moving mechanical parts, requiring little maintenance and correspondingly increasing production reliability.

The “safety horse” for voltage sags in enterprises – DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator

For DySC users, because the system does not contain batteries, there is no need to consider battery maintenance and environmental pollution, which greatly shortens and reduces maintenance costs and maintenance time, and due to ultra-low power consumption, it has also become a total owner Very low cost voltage sag protection system.

It is worth mentioning that the power range of DySC series is very wide, including products from single-phase 250VA to three-phase 2MVA, which can protect a single component, a single machine, or the entire switchboard.

The “safety horse” for voltage sags in enterprises – DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator

How does DySC help the manufacturing industry with high-quality power supply?

In practical applications, DySC can monitor the voltage situation in the factory in real time, draw extra current from the power supply through the high-speed IGBT inverter, and compensate for the lack of voltage during voltage sags. In the event of a temporary power outage, the DySC will use a portion of the energy stored in the rectifier and inverter capacitors to supply the load with 100% voltage.

The “safety horse” for voltage sags in enterprises – DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator

The solution process of DySC is specifically that when the system is in normal motion, the current flows through the static switch to supply power to the load, and the power module is in the disconnected state. However, once a voltage sag occurs, the DySC controller will turn off the static switch, so that the current path will switch from the static switch to the power module connected in series with the power supply and load within 2ms to complete the compensation. After the voltage sag passes, the power module is disconnected, and the power supply supplies power to the load through the static switch again. This series of simple operations endows infinite possibilities to the manufacturing industry.

Nine Advantages of DySC for Power

In the face of common power quality problems, DySC relies on cutting-edge power electronics technology to create a series of voltage sag monitoring and protection solutions, which has become a battery-free voltage sag solution recognized by key manufacturing industries. At the same time, the nine practical advantages of the DySC solution provide unparalleled high reliability for the manufacturing industry.

  • Provides deep sag protection

DySC has an excellent voltage sag protection function, which is specifically reflected in the protection ability when the residual voltage is 0V

  • Energy saving

The operating efficiency of DySC can reach more than 99%, and the energy consumption is ultra-low. It is the voltage sag protection system with extremely low energy consumption on the market

  • Low maintenance requirements and costs

DySC products are designed to reduce maintenance requirements and allow users to perform simple maintenance operations themselves, contain no batteries or moving parts, require no maintenance, expensive maintenance contracts or complex system monitoring software

  • Ultra-fast compensation time

DySC patented, ultra-short dip response and correction time (less than 2ms), has become one of the few systems on the market that can protect sensitive semiconductor equipment such as RF generators

  • Can automatically switch to maintenance bypass

When encountering a voltage sag, DySC can automatically switch to the maintenance bypass, without disturbing exit troubles and without affecting the normal operation of sensitive loads

  • Strong overload capacity

DySC has super overload capacity and can be applied to various industrial load applications

  • Environmental friendly

DySC is battery-free, produces no noise, vibration or heat, and eliminates emissions and disposal of chemical fumes and toxic waste such as batteries

  • compact structure

In terms of design, due to its compact structure design, the space that can be occupied is small, and it has high practicability in factories and in life

  • The product is highly mature

DySC is a dynamic voltage sag protection system widely used in the market today. With more than ten years of practical experience, there is no hidden worry for the tested

The above nine advantages of the DySC solution can supply high-quality power to manufacturing plants, help greatly improve production efficiency, and thus enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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The safety and stability of enterprise operations determine the quality and benefits of products. Rockwell Automation’s DySC dynamic voltage sag compensator is not only a unique innovative industrial-grade voltage sag solution, but also a safe horse for enterprises in the event of voltage sags, allowing enterprises to travel a thousand miles forward steadily and smoothly unimpeded.

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