The rapid growth of the robot industry makes breakthroughs in key technologies become the primary goal

From the perspective of the main body of the robot market, the main body of the robot market in my country has been continuously optimized and expanded. Various types of enterprises have achieved good development performance in the Chinese market, and innovative enterprises continue to emerge. It is reported that by the end of 2021, there will be 101 “little giant” enterprises specializing in the field of robotics, covering various types of enterprises such as complete machines, core components, and system integration.

  Unleashing market potential

At present, the rapid development of the digital economy, the wide range of radiation, and the depth of its impact are unprecedented, adding new momentum and injecting new vitality to the development of the world economy. As the most iconic tool in the digital economy era, Robots play an increasingly important role in promoting technological innovation, promoting Industrial upgrading, safeguarding national security, and protecting people’s health. They have become an important measure of a country’s innovation capability and industrial competitiveness. logo.

my country attaches great importance to the development of robot technology and industry. The scale of the robot market continues to grow rapidly. Robot companies have gradually developed and grown, and a complete Robot Industry chain has been initially formed. .

Driven by multiple factors such as the intensive domestic policies and the increasingly mature market, my country’s industrial robots have grown rapidly. In addition to the two industries with the greatest demand for automobiles and 3C electronics, chemical and petroleum application markets have gradually opened up. According to the statistics of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the scale of China’s Industrial Robot market has maintained a growth trend in the past five years. It is expected that the market size will reach 8.7 billion US dollars (about 59.566 billion yuan) in 2022; The market size will further expand and will exceed 11 billion US dollars (about 75.314 billion yuan).

In addition to the rapid growth of the market scale, the development path of my country’s robot industry has gradually become clear. Facing the status quo that international leading robot companies have occupied most of the market share in mainstream application fields such as automobile manufacturing and 3C manufacturing, a number of Robotic companies with strong technical strength have emerged in my country, closely following the actual needs of the industry, and launching a number of mature robots. application solution. Among them, strategic emerging industries have become new positions for robot applications. The data shows that in 2021, my country’s new energy vehicle output will be 3.677 million, an increase of 152.5% over the previous year; the national lithium-ion battery output will be 324GWh, a year-on-year increase of 106%; the photovoltaic power generation grid-connected installed capacity will exceed 300 million kilowatts for 7 consecutive years. Ranked first in the world. my country’s robot companies have launched innovative solutions to meet the needs of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products, as well as their use and maintenance, which has promoted the rapid growth of robot installations in strategic emerging industries.

  Break through key core technologies

At present, the primary goal of China’s industrial robot research and development is to break through key core technologies, accelerate the application and promotion of key robot components, and enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain, which is conducive to boosting the high-quality development of the robotics industry. The key components of the robot mainly include controllers, reducers, servo systems, sensors and end effectors, etc., which directly affect and even determine the function, performance and reliability of the robot. More than 30 key Robot Parts companies participated in the conference, covering all types of robot core parts and components, showing the integrity of my country’s robot upstream parts industry chain.

The reducer is a kind of robot transmission device, which accounts for up to 35% of the total cost of industrial robots, and is also an indispensable core component of various service robots and special robots. The reducer is located at the joint position of the robot, which can convert the high-speed operation energy of the servo system into high output torque, giving the robot high power output capability.

At the booth of Zhitong Technology at the conference, the hypoid manipulator driven by the high-precision reducer moved freely. It is understood that Zhitong Technology was established in 2015. At present, the company’s precision reducer development work has covered the three major directions of precision reducer principle research, core parts manufacturing process development, material and heat treatment technology research, and finally realized “theoretical research + product research and development + market trial verification + promotion” The layout of scientific and technological innovation system. “At present, the effective life of the company’s products is 2.5 times that of international similar products, and the price is significantly lower than that of international similar products. With the rapid growth of market demand and the improvement of product competitiveness, the company’s orders have reached 70,000 units since this year, and it is expected that next year It will reach 150,000 units,” introduced Liu Zepeng, general manager of the Strategic Development Department of Beijing Zhitong Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

The SRT soft robot demonstrated a flexible end effector. China Industry News saw at the scene that the company’s flexible gripper grasped irregular objects freely, acting like a flexible human hand, without any jamming. “We have developed a low-cost technical solution to replace manual work, and solved the ‘last centimeter’ problem of industrial automation production.” The person in charge of SRT Soft Robotics Company introduced that the flexible end effector is a new type of end clamp, which can be gentle and non-destructive Grasp the workpiece freely, with high adaptability.

Although my country’s robot development has achieved remarkable results, its relatively weak industrial foundation and lack of high-end tools still exist, and the robot industry cannot fully meet the needs of China’s high-quality economic and social development. Wang Hong, deputy director of the First Division of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will start from three aspects: maintaining the stability of the robot industry chain and supply chain, comprehensively improving the basic capabilities of the industry, and accelerating the implementation of the “robot +” application action. Digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of various industries.

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