The king of cost performance, the subversive of air claws, Junduo has launched a hundred yuan mini electric claws!

Abstract: The electric gripper has the performance advantages of ease of use, force control and high flexibility. With the mission of “manufacturing the most competitive executive components for industry automation“, Junduorobotthe launch of the 100-yuan electric gripper has provided assistance for accelerating the popularization and application of the electric gripper technology.

Recently, Junduo Robotics has launched a major new release, officially releasing the “subversive in the field of automation” EPG-M series miniature electric parallel grippers.

It is reported that in the past few years, the electric gripper technology with ease of use, force control and high flexibility has developed rapidly and has been used more and more in the industry, but it still cannot replace the dominant position of pneumatic grippers in the automation industry. The most critical factor is the high cost of electric claws, which hinders the process of power-to-gas.

In order to promote the promotion of electric grippers in the automation industry, with the mission of “manufacturing the most competitive executive components for automation in the industry”, Junruo robot has launched the EPG-M series of mini electric parallel grippers, which guarantees the products as always. In the case of high quality, achieving the ultimate cost performance and reducing the product price to the level of 100 yuan is undoubtedly a great news for the automation industry.

Specifically, the height of the EPG-M series miniature electric parallel gripper is only 72mm, the length is only 38mm, and the width is only 23.5mm. It is 6mm, and the rated clamping force can be freely switched between 6N and 15N on one side, which can effectively meet the precise, high stability and cost-effective grasping requirements of small and light parts in automation equipment.

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In terms of Industrial design, in order to achieve a smaller main body design, the R&D team of Junduo Robot is ingenious, and the high-precision integrated design of drive and control is fully reflected in the EPG-M product.The product usesservo motorAs well as the self-developed drive control system, the use of double-row ball guide rails greatly improves the accuracy and life of finger gripping. The comprehensive evaluation service life can reach more than 20 million cycles. At the same time, this product has passed a number of strict functional tests and Life testing to ensure product quality and stability.

As the first 100-yuan product created by Junduo, the EPG-M series is extremely cost-effective. In addition to the advantages of being thinner and more precise, the EPG-M series products also have five notable features:

1. High integration: the drive control of this product is integrated in the product, no external controller is required;

2. Adjustable clamping force: for different types of products, the clamping force can be adjusted in two levels of 6N and 15N to avoid damage to the product;

3. Easy installation: multiple mounting holes are reserved on multiple sides, allowing free installation in a compact space;

4. Rich application scenarios: it can be applied to compact equipment, and can be easily clamped and transported for different types of lightweight products or reagent tubes;

5. Simple communication: It supports I/O signal transmission and control, and can quickly respond to instructions through input and output signals.

The king of cost performance, the subversive of air claws, Junduo has launched a hundred yuan mini electric claws!

In terms of final realization, EPG-M series products can be widely used in IVD, 3C, semiconductor, new energy, cosmetics and other industries, effectively helping the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency. For example, in the biochemical, immune, protein and other automated assembly lines in the IVD industry, EPG-M series products can be used in multi-module and parallel use in multi-throughput assembly line equipment, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of overall design and manufacture of the assembly line, and greatly reduce operation and maintenance costs. .

As a national high-tech enterprise founded by the doctoral team of the Institute of Robotics of Harbin Institute of Technology, up to now, Junduo Robot has developed and mass-produced industrial-grade dexterous hands, robot electric grippers, modular electric grippers, electric vacuum actuators, linear A series of products such as rotary actuators, rotary electric grippers, and miniature precision electric slides have served more than 60 listed companies and hundreds of industry benchmark companies in the life sciences, new energy, 3C, semiconductor, food and other industries.

The king of cost performance, the subversive of air claws, Junduo has launched a hundred yuan mini electric claws!

This time, Junduo Robot will optimize its technology and products to achieve the best cost performance while ensuring the best product quality, and create the first 100-yuan electric gripper product——EPG-M series mini electric parallel gripper , undoubtedly has strong product competitiveness, and can really reduce costs and increase efficiency for the industry.


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