The intelligent robot of this enterprise in Tangxia is really good!Screw it, sort and express it

The intelligent robot of this enterprise in Tangxia is really good!Screw it, sort and express it

CCD automatic feeding machine.

The intelligent robot of this enterprise in Tangxia is really good!Screw it, sort and express it

Spray paint produced by Xinliguangrobot.

The intelligent robot of this enterprise in Tangxia is really good!Screw it, sort and express it

The logistics sorting line developed by Xinliguang.Photo by reporter Zhao Yurui

Dongguan Time Network News(Reporter Liu Zhibin and Liu Xiaoli) The automatic sorting system developed and produced for and Best Logistics can sort the messy express delivery according to the different areas sent to it, and then deliver it to each customer by the courier.

The intelligent robot developed and produced for a well-known French luggage company can precisely twist each screw, and ensure the same tightness of each screw to ensure product quality.

The fingerprint identification and coating production line developed and designed for a domestic listed company sprays 10,000 fingerprint identification modules per hour, with a yield rate of over 97%, which enables the company’s fingerprint identification modules to win a large market.

This company is Dongguan Xinliguang Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. located in Tangxia Town. The company is committed to the research and development, design and manufacture of advanced coating equipment. In recent years, it has also established a robot technology company. In addition to general-purpose Robots, it also Production of various intelligent assembly equipment, spraying machines, etc.

First-class fingerprint recognition spraying equipment

The core of the fingerprint recognition module is paint spraying. During the production process, the single layer of paint spraying film thickness can only be ±1 micron, and the total film thickness is ±2 microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm).

Only under such film thickness control can the function of the product be fully guaranteed. If it exceeds this range, the fingerprint image recognition function will be unstable.

Dong Yixiang, general manager of Dongguan Xinliguang Surface Treatment Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the fingerprint identification chip coating production line developed and produced by them has achieved technological breakthroughs. The product yield rate is over 97%.

“We have developed and designed 4 such production lines for a domestic listed company.” Dong Yixiang said, because of its large production capacity and high yield, this company has won major customers. The fingerprint recognition modules produced by its company are widely used in Huawei and Xiaomi. , oppo, vivo and other well-known brand mobile phones. The shipment of fingerprint recognition modules ranks first in the world!

Dong Yixiang said that Xinliguang’s fingerprint recognition spraying equipment will be in the leading position in the industry within 2-3 years. In addition to mobile phone casings and fingerprint recognition chips, Xinliguang can also be tailored for mobile phone accessories such as 2.5D and 3D glass cover coating. Custom spraying production line.

“Our equipment serves world-class companies, and Xinliguang’s coating equipment must achieve world-class quality.” Dong Yixiang is full of confidence.

Wide range of spray applications in the automotive industry

Dong Yixiang introduced that the company also provides coating production lines for various auto parts for many well-known domestic and foreign companies.

For example, the company has an automobile fog lamp spraying (coating) coating production line, which is a coating production line tailored for the fog lamp reflector process. Operate independently.

The process includes pre-treatment, powder spraying, baking, coating, and part-setting.The advantage of this production line is thatautomationThe way, including the transfer parts, does not require manual handling, and the overall appearance after spraying is beautiful and well-made. These coating production lines are not only all over the country, but also exported to Europe and the United States. Xinliguang has become a global supplier of an international top lamp manufacturing group.

According to reports, the company also has a UV coating production line for automotive lights, a coating production line for automotive anti-fog lamps, a coating production line for automotive bumpers, a coating line for automotive sealant strips, and a coating production line for automotive windows.

smart robot twists the screw perfectly

In addition to painting equipment, Xinliguang Group has also established a robot technology company to produce various intelligent robots and customized automaticmechanicalwidely used in the production process of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

The reporter saw in the company a few days ago that Xinliguang has developed and designed an intelligent robot for a well-known French luggage company. It is shaped like an arm and is very flexible.Dong Yixiang introduced that this robot uses servomotorControlled by the control system, the screws can be twisted accurately, and the tightness of each screw can be ensured to ensure product quality.

In addition, the company has also developed and designed a robot vision system, which can sort products through scanning and comparison, and can also eliminate bad products, reducing worker operations. At present, a large domestic manufacturing enterprise has already used this robot.

According to Zhou Li, the person in charge of Robotics Technology Company, the intelligent robots developed by Xinliguang are not only universal, but also tailor-made according to customer needs. The functions of some intelligent robots are not convenient to disclose because they are designed to be trade secrets. Now, Xinliguang’s robots are in short supply, and are widely used by private enterprises in addition to internationally renowned companies.

Express sorting system improves efficiency

Xinliguang also established a special department to develop and design an automatic sorting system for the express delivery industry.

When visiting the automatic sorting system, the reporter saw He Guanghua, chairman of Xinliguang. “It is mainly to sort the messy express delivery.” He Guanghua said, for example, when express delivery is sent from all over the country to Dongguan, it is necessary to manually sort out the express delivery in various towns and streets, and then distribute it to the customers, while the automatic sorting system It can automatically sort out various town and street express, and then send it to the customer by the courier.

At present, the company’s automatic sorting system is adopted by Jingdong Tianjin Sorting Center and Best Logistics. This equipment has a high degree of automation, quick and efficient sorting, and can save 90% of manpower for the express sorting industry.

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