The explosion of artificial intelligence takes a look at the trillion-level field of service robots

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In the two sessions that just concluded, “artificial intelligence” is undoubtedly one of the biggest hot spots. This year’s Prime Minister’s Government Report of the Two Sessions proposed: “Fully implement the strategic emerging industry development plan, and accelerate the research and development and transformation of technologies such as new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, and fifth-generation mobile communications.” This is “artificial intelligence”. It was included in the government work report for the first time, and even the national government is “endorsing” artificial intelligence, its importance is evident.

As an important part of the field of artificial intelligence, China servesrobotThe industry has also experienced geometric growth in the past five years. According to the research of the Institute of Robotics of the High-tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII), the output value of China’s service Robots reached 8.5 billion yuan in 2015 and 14 billion yuan in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 65%. It is expected that this figure will reach 24.5 billion yuan in 2017, year-on-year. Growth will be 75%.

The explosion of artificial intelligence takes a look at the trillion-level field of service robots

And it is expected that in 2017, the proportion of China’s service robot output value will account for 35% of the global service robot output value. From the perspective of future development trends, China’s intelligent service robots will usher in explosive growth under the blue ocean of billions.

In the face of this trillion-dollar service robot market that is far from saturated, the following issues are worth serious consideration:

1. Why is it the right time to enter the domestic service robot market?

1) The demographic dividend subsides and domestic labor costs increase

As the working-age population continues to shrink and the problem of population aging continues to deepen, China’s demographic dividend period has gradually subsided. The reduction of labor force reflects the economic problem, that is, the labor cost price has risen sharply. The service industry faces the embarrassment of rising labor costs and declining overall profits. Service-oriented enterprises face a series of problems in basic positions such as shopping guides, waiters, cleaning, etc., such as difficult employment, high training costs, aging, high management costs, uneven staff levels, and high staff turnover.

Under such circumstances, the offline physical industry is constantly being impacted, so it becomes very necessary to replace low-tech, simple and repetitive work with service robots. Service robots can standardize service processes and save labor costs. It has to be admitted that the precise execution capabilities of service robots make service efficiency far higher than that of traditional human waiters.

2) After a wave of industry reshuffles, technology-driven companies stand out

Careful study of domestic robot companies will reveal that most of these companies have been established in the past five years, are small in scale, and are mostly concentrated in the field of system integration. Many start-up service robot companies have been eliminated in a new round of industry competition.

And many robot manufacturers useindustryThe logic of the robot is a business robot, and most of the robot products developed are cumbersome. In order to make business robots look more like humans, many companies have designed equipment such as hands and feet for robots. Such a design has high requirements on the stability of the robot and the fluency of the processing system, which greatly increases its manufacturing cost, and the average market price is above 100,000, making it difficult to achieve large-scale promotion.

In such a market environment, some technology-driven innovative companies stand out, making the overall service robot market a healthy development. For the first time, it is proposed that the robot’s lightweight boat interact to practice the concept of lightweight, remove the redundant structure on the traditional robot and control the product price within 10,000 yuan. In 2016, the small boat reached a strategic cooperation with a well-known domestic manufacturing enterprise, and mass production has been achieved. It is expected that 20,000 units will be mass produced this year.

The explosion of artificial intelligence takes a look at the trillion-level field of service robots

At present, through the application of algorithms and big data processing systems, the small boat service robot has the functions of accurate face recognition, high-speed storage, intelligent interaction, thermal infrared sensing and so on. Giving robots the ability to analyze data and draw customer profiles can make services and marketing more accurate.

2. Comparing with Europe, America and Japan, in which fields can domestic service robots be applied?

It is understood that 48 countries in the overseas market are making service robots, of which 25 countries have stepped in to take the lead in the world. Among them, led by the United States, it is mainly used in the military and medical markets; Germany is known for its industrial robots; Japan and the United Kingdom have strong service robots, and South Korea is famous for entertainment and educational robots.

Most of the domestic Robot Industry in China is still in the industrialmechanicalWhen the robot is on the arm, American robot companies have developed complex service robots that are used in anti-terrorism, medical, business, scientific exploration, disaster relief and other fields. The application of scientific and technological achievements usually has three stages, the first stage is the military industry, then to the commercial, and then to the household market. At present, China’s service robots are mainly divided into two categories. One is home robots, including companionship, education, toys, monitoring, etc.; and many more.

With the continuous development of technologies such as the internet of Things, big data, and blockchain, China’s service robot industry will gradually form an echelon in high-end fields such as medical care and detection.

3. What other new ways are there for service robots?

During the service process, the service robot analyzes the user’s behavior, provides the data to the cloud, and shares it with other robots in its network, forming a closed loop that makes the service more efficient and more user-friendly. In this way, the marketing nature of service robots becomes very strong.

In the future, as the coverage of service robots becomes wider and wider, the advertising value of service robots as terminal data collectors will gradually be reflected. Taking the boat service robot as an example, the service robot is placed in a shopping mall or office building. The robot’s own camera can perform face recognition on the people passing by, and then use the robot cloud platform and membership management system to measure each audience’s stay in the advertising space. time and conduct audience analysis. The precise marketing method brought by big data collection is unmatched by traditional media.

In general, in the service robot industry, there is still considerable market space in China. It is reported that the small boat lightweight robot will focus on the research and development of intelligent shopping guide robots in the future, rooted in the fertile soil of new retail, realize smooth control and service systems, and become accurate information entry and output. Problems are found in the application process of service robots, and they are upgraded and adjusted at any time to form the optimal solution in each single application field, and at the same time, new technical requirements are proposed to promote technological development. In addition, the future highly intelligent service robots will be endowed with more functions, and the “robot housekeeper” with strong adaptability is expected to become a reality.

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