The development prospect of the artificial intelligence industry is good, and the application scenarios are rich!

In the same period, smart transportation relatedAIThe number of patent applications totaled more than 140,000, and invention patents accounted for about 71%. Baidu, Southeast University, and Tencent became more active innovators in patent applications. artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing, big data, intelligent cloud, intelligent voice and intelligent recommendation.

As of September 2022, nearly 20,000 AI patents have been applied for in my country’s smart education scene, of which invention patents account for more than 90% More than one, and the other two also have more than a hundred. Smart education mainly relies on AI technologies such as computer vision, knowledge graph, deep learning, natural language processing and intelligent voice. In the smart agriculture scenario, my country applied for about 67,000 AI patents during the same period, of which invention patents accounted for more than 90%. Zhejiang University ranked first with more than 590 patents, followed by Tencent with more than 550 patents. The AI ​​technologies mainly involved in smart agriculture are mainly intelligent cloud, big data, computer vision, deep learning, etc.

Artificial intelligence can help enterprises manage, analyze and utilize a large amount of data available in operations, using data located in different islands of the company, such as facility operations, energy consumption, asset maintenance, and IT infrastructure, to realize data flow based on the hybrid cloud base, and help enterprises based on Sophisticated ESG frameworks report data to various stakeholders and turn it into predictive insights that can be used to assess progress against sustainability benchmarks, helping companies reduce the environmental impact of day-to-day business operations.

By applying AI technologies, companies can build more transparent, traceable and decarbonized supply chains. AI and automation can help CSCOs and their teams collect data, identify risks, validate documentation, and provide audit trails, even in times of high inflation, while also managing their carbon, waste, energy, water, consumption, and material utility. This can right-size inventory, help businesses reduce waste, and can reduce the time it takes to trace the origin of a product from days to seconds.

AI technologies can play a key role in helping businesses cope with the effects of climate change. By combining artificial intelligence, weather, climate, and operational data, companies can more easily manage climate risks that affect business operations and better advance ESG goals. For example, by using AI to analyze consistent weather and climate data, companies can drill down to specific issues, such as identifying which areas, buildings or assets may be contributing a disproportionate amount of carbon emissions, to prioritize improvement efforts.

The impact and urgency of climate change and ESG have permeated the business world, with a greater focus on accountability and action. Looking ahead to 2023, artificial intelligence can become a driver of sustainable development, helping businesses take immediate action to solve some of their most pressing problems and work together to build a more sustainable future.

In order to explore the ability of AI to interact with thinking on the basis of images and texts, the frontier research team of Inspur Information proposed a new research direction for the industry, proposing the AI-VQA, an interpretable agent visual interaction question answering task. Search in the knowledge base of the system, and expand the existing content of images and texts. At present, the team has built an open source dataset of AI-VQA, which contains more than 144,000 large-scale event knowledge bases, 19,000 interactive behavioral cognitive reasoning questions, and interpretable annotations such as key objects, supporting facts, and reasoning paths. .

At the same time, ARE (encoder-decoder model for alternative reason and explanation), the first intelligent agent interactive behavior understanding algorithm model proposed by the team, realizes end-to-end interactive behavior positioning and interactive behavior impact reasoning for the first time, based on multi-modal image-text fusion technology and knowledge The graph retrieval algorithm implements a visual question answering model with long causal chain reasoning ability.

The greatness of science and technology lies not only in changing the world, but more importantly in how to benefit mankind and make more impossible possible. For the blind, being able to live independently like other people through AI technology for blindness, rather than being treated specially, just reflects the greatest goodwill of technology.

At the moment when AI shines into reality, technology is no longer the coldness of a high mountain, but the temperature full of humanistic care. Standing at the forefront of AI technology, Inspur Information hopes that the research on artificial intelligence technology can attract more people to continue to promote the implementation of artificial intelligence technology, so that the wave of multi-modal AI blindness can be extended to AI anti-fraud, AI diagnosis and treatment, In more scenarios such as AI disaster early warning, create more value for society.

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