The customer exclaimed after drinking the robot coffee: it’s over

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: have you drunkrobotBrewed coffee? In addition to expressing freshness and excitement, many customers who have drank it also exclaimed: “It’s over, human beings will lose their jobs!”

According to Taiwan’s Zhongshi electronic News, Café X, the first robot cafe in the United States, is located in the AMC Theater in the center of San Francisco. It is crowded with people watching movies on weekends. There are many curious consumers who come to try out Robots and experience robots. The taste of coffee.

This robot coffee shop is completely unmanned, and customers can complete their orders by doing homework on a tablet computer and receive a cup of customized fresh coffee brewed with freshly ground coffee beans. After the robot service is over, it will wave goodbye to the customer, which is more thoughtful than human service.

Tourist Tom told reporters that because he heard that there is a robot coffee shop in San Francisco, he has always wanted to try it out and think “this is a cool idea”. As for whether the coffee is good or not? “It’s delicious, just like the coffee in an ordinary coffee shop.” In addition to the people buying coffee, the robot cafe also gathered many curious crowds. A passerby who passed by said, “It’s over, we humans are going to lose our jobs!”, obviously worried about robots replacing human jobs.

The founder of Cafe X is Henry Hu, a 23-year-old Chinese who has already started cooperating with people to develop the game when he was in college.mechanicalPeople, it took about three years to prepare for the official opening.He said that he hopes toautomationThe standard procedure to maintain the coffee level.

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