The country’s first “face brushing and taxation” intelligent robot “on duty” in Maoming

The country’s first “swipe face to handle tax” smartrobot“Work” in Maoming.Photo by Pan Qiang, Maoming, June 27th (Guo Jun and Pan Qiang) “Dear Mr. Li, hello! I’m Xiaomei, and I’m very happy to serve you.”… The country’s first “face brushing” intelligent robot Recently, he took up a post in the State and Local Taxation Service Office of the Dianbai District Local Taxation Bureau, Maoming City, Guangdong Province, attracting the attention of many taxpayers.
“Proficient in business, thoughtful service, and quick response.” Mr. Li praised after finishing the business, “This is the first time I see a tax-handling robot that can pay taxes with face recognition, and I must post a circle of friends!”
It is understood that this “tax officer” Xiaomei, who has opened the eyes of taxpayers, is the third-generation intelligent tax robot just introduced by the Dianbai District Local Taxation Bureau. As the latest version of the intelligent tax robot, “Xiaomei” includes almost all types of state and local tax business, operation guidelines and hot issues of business tax reform. It can not only provide taxpayers with powerful voice interactive consultation, make an appointment, and download business forms 6 categories of tax services, including QR code scanning, tax declaration and invoice printing, can also be “mobile tax” in the tax office, actively sensing and “approaching” taxpayers, guiding taxpayers, and providing warm services.
“Xiaomei” is the first intelligent tax robot in China that uses “face recognition” technology. After she has completed the collection and authentication of taxpayer’s face, ID card, contact number and other information in advance, the taxpayer only needs to “scan face” on the spot In 2 seconds, “Xiaomei” can accurately identify, call out the taxpayer’s name and say hello, and immediately provide taxpayers with high-quality self-service taxation services.
According to reports, the upgraded tax robot “Xiaomei” can also simulate the human thinking mode, can get rid of the programming dependence on the question bank, and actively guide taxpayers to dialogue and achieve barrier-free communication. The accuracy is almost 100%.
The “Xiaomei” robot is the latest model of this type of robot. It has a unique face recognition function. Through the mutual verification of “face recognition” and ID card information, it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of fraudulent use of ID cards to pay taxes, and it is safer.
“Although I don’t want to admit it, Xiaomei is indeed more capable than many front-line tax collectors.” The person in charge of the tax service department of the bureau introduced that on the first day of “Xiaomei”, she attracted more than 50 taxpayers to come to the real-name registration experience , After the registration is successful, “Xiaomei” can accurately call the taxpayer’s name, and the face recognition is accurate. The taxpayer had a dialogue with “Xiaomei” on the spot. A total of more than 200 questions were asked that day, and Xiaomei responded immediately. The response speed was more than three times that of ordinary people, and the accuracy rate of one-time answers exceeded 95%.
It is understood that in addition to providing taxpayers with the service of “swiping their faces to pay taxes” in the tax office, “Xiaomei” can also provide 24-hour services to taxpayers through four channels including web, app, WeChat and telephone. At the same time, “Xiaomei” can continue to self-remember and learn in the process of communicating with taxpayers to supplement their knowledge reserves. (Finish)

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