The advantages of the flexible system of the North China industrial computer

The advantages of the flexible system of the North China industrial computer

North China IPC involves computer boards, embedded barebones, Industrial complete machines, industrial tablet computers, etc., and can be dedicated to industrial automation fields such as flexible manufacturing systems.

North China Industrial Computer Flexible Manufacturing System refers to a mechanical manufacturing automation system in which the digital control equipment of each subsystem can adapt to changes in processing objects under the support of electronic computer systems. North China industrial computer is mainly divided into three types: flexible manufacturing unit, flexible manufacturing system and flexible automatic production line. It is based on the convergence of CNC machine tools or machining centers, and is automatically controlled by electronic computers, which can complete long-term standby and automatic processing of various raw materials. work, achieve higher productivity, and improve the economics of manufacturing enterprises.

In recent years, China’s digital economy system has entered a stage of rapid growth. As an important supporting force for high-quality economic development, the manufacturing industry is facing challenges such as rising production costs and interdependence of key equipment and core components. Changes in production methods have become inevitable. Based on advanced technologies such as computer and automatic control, NCPC can integrate a group of machine tools to centrally control production, and its inspection, maintenance, transportation and other work can be handled by itself, and support uninterrupted “unmanned” operation. Once a failure occurs, the system has the ability to degrade operation, and the product has a large adaptability, which plays an important role in shortening the production cycle, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

The establishment of the North China Industrial Computer Flexible Manufacturing System is an inevitable way to help manufacturing enterprises implement intelligent transformation and follow the trend. Based on its high degree of automation, high machining accuracy, long-term operation and other technical requirements, manufacturers choose industrial computers with higher quality and higher performance as their hardware support. North China Industrial Computer can provide a variety of computer board solutions for FMS.

North China Industrial Computer can provide customized industrial machines specially used for flexible manufacturing system production. This product is specially designed for industrial sites and conforms to the standard, with carbon high-strength structural steel box structure, beautiful appearance, excellent strength and rigidity; positive pressure double-ball fan design, good heat dissipation effect and higher system stability; shockproof drive frame The design can effectively protect the drive, prolong the service life of the equipment, and meet the complex industrial application scenarios.

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