System Empowerment, Scenario First GMCC and Welling invite you to China Refrigeration Expo 2023

From April 7th to 9th, 2023, the 34th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Freezing Processing Exhibition (2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. GMCC, a system-level solution provider for core components of consumer appliances, and Welling will present their “multi-scenario, full-coverage” cooling and heating system-level solutions, including residential air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, commercial refrigerator freezers, and household refrigerators. , heat pump heating, and mobile air conditioners, parking air conditioners, car refrigerators, car battery thermal management and many other new application scenarios, including rotor compressors, refrigerator compressors, scroll compressors, motors, electronic expansion valves, home appliance chips, etc. Core Products.

System Empowerment, Scenario First GMCC and Welling invite you to China Refrigeration Expo 2023

GMCC&Welling will appear at booth W3D25 of China Refrigeration Exhibition 2023

As a leader in cooling and heating system-level solutions, GMCC & Welling promotes the green development, transformation and upgrading of my country’s refrigeration and HVAC industry with core “core” technology and innovative products. Appearing at China Refrigeration Expo 2023, GMCC&Welling will bring many surprises to the industry and the audience with innovative, comprehensive product coverage, product application Display close to life, and novel and vivid digital technology interaction!

Aspect 1: “Multi-scenario, full coverage” cooling and heating system-level solutions enable performance improvement of home appliances

Different from simply displaying products in the past, GMCC&Welling will use the usage scenarios and applications of consumer appliances as the starting point at the 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition, and use the complete machine products as the index to compare the needs of various application scenarios such as household, commercial, and mobile refrigeration with suitable compressors. , Motors and other core components are systematically displayed to achieve the effect of “seeing everything at a glance”. For example, in the home use scenario, the home cooling and heating system solution composed of a series of products simulates the use of air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances in real life, showing that under the synergy of GMCC & Welling’s core components and products of various categories, household appliances The energy efficiency, noise reduction, reliability and environmental protection of the whole machine have been greatly improved.

Highlight 2: R290 products are exhibited collectively for the first time, leading the global environmental protection refrigerant replacement process

With the characteristics of fluorine-free, chlorine-free, low GWP, and natural working fluid, R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant is becoming the first choice for the replacement of environmentally friendly refrigerants in the home appliance industry. As a leader in promoting the replacement of global environmentally friendly refrigerants, GMCC & Welling will focus on displaying compressors using R290 as environmentally friendly refrigerants, including its applications in many fields such as household air conditioners, heat pump heating, and heat pump dryers. With nearly 20 years of technical preparation and research and development breakthroughs, GMCC&Welling has achieved a comprehensive layout in R290 from core technology breakthroughs to manufacturing, from fixed speed to frequency conversion, and from rotor to scroll. GMCC&Welling empowers the green future with innovation, leading the home appliance industry to move towards high efficiency and environmental protection.

  Highlight 3: Leading the transformation and upgrading of Chinese home appliances with core technologies and innovative products

Mastering and breaking through the core technology and constantly developing innovative products are the fundamentals for GMCC&Welling to win the market. In this refrigeration exhibition, two products of GMCC&Welling: 14kW environmentally friendly and high-efficiency variable frequency turbo compressor, a new generation of household and light commercial brushless DC motors, were evaluated by the China Refrigeration Exhibition Expert Committee and won the “Innovative Products” of China Refrigeration Exhibition 2023. Among them, the 14kW environmentally friendly and high-efficiency variable frequency turbo compressor uses R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant. With the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, no abnormal sound, low temperature rise, and high cost performance, it has a leading reputation and market share in the industry; The brushed DC motor adopts the second-generation IPM high-efficiency rotor. With the advantages of high energy efficiency, high reliability, high cost performance, and multiple application scenarios, it has become the product of choice in the industry.

System Empowerment, Scenario First GMCC and Welling invite you to China Refrigeration Expo 2023

“System empowerment, scene first”. On April 7th, GMCC&Welling will meet you at the W3D25 booth of China Refrigeration Exhibition. With cooling and heating system-level solutions and world-leading innovative manufacturing and supply capabilities, we will jointly explore the development of China’s refrigeration and HVAC industry towards high efficiency, low noise, high reliability, energy saving and environmental protection , Green and safe new picture.

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