Support AI function application! NORCO Embedded Computer Motherboard MITX-6135

China has become a globalAIOne of the fastest-growing and most mature countries in the field, with leading advantages in data, integration, and applications. Leading the transformation and upgrading of emerging industries, domestic services around artificial intelligence technology have covered hundreds of lines.

In line with the general trend of development, NORCO has increased the research and development of embedded products in the field of AI. The embedded motherboard MITX-6135 built with the 10th generation Intel Core processor supports AI function applications!

According to NORCO, the scale of China’s artificial intelligence core industry has reached more than 400 billion yuan. As of April 2022, the number of active artificial intelligence companies in China has reached 6,052, accounting for 73.9% of the total number of searchable artificial intelligence companies in the world, ranking ahead of the United States, which shows the strong development trend of the domestic artificial intelligence industry. (Data

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