Spending 1.5 billion yuan, the leading cleaning robot has expanded its production capacity wildly

September 29, Shanghai GaoxianrobotThe 400,000-level production base project officially started construction in Ziyang. The total investment of this project is about 1.5 billion yuan, and the construction is divided into two phases.

Spending 1.5 billion yuan, the leading cleaning robot has expanded its production capacity wildly

It is understood that the investment of the first phase is about 400 million yuan, and a standardized factory building of about 16,000 square meters is leased for the construction of two mature cleaning robot production lines, as well as new product production lines such as driverless sanitation vehicles and commercial distribution Robots; the second phase The project investment is about 1.1 billion yuan, and the planned land area is about 150 mu. It will build an intelligent production base, and build a lighthouse factory and a smart sanitation demonstration scene in the western region.

After the first phase of the project is completed and put into production, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 4,500 robots, with an annual output value of 360 million yuan. After the second phase of the project is fully completed and put into production, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 40,000 robots, with an annual output value of 2.4 billion yuan.

China’s cleaning robot market share reaches 80%

According to public information, Gaoxian Robot was established in 2013 and is a leading company in the commercial cleaning robot track. In November last year, Gaoxian Robot completed the C round of financing of 1.2 billion yuan, becoming the highest single financing case in this field.

Since Gaoxian Robot launched the first commercial cleaning robot in 2014, there have been more than ten types of commercial cleaning robots, including indoor sweepers, cleaning and disinfection all-in-one machines, outdoor unmanned sweepers, unmanned sanitation vehicles, and stone maintenance robots. Robot, covering 7 major cleaning functions, forming a perfectDigitizingcleaning solution.

At present, Gaoxian Robot has obtained full ISO9001 international certification, Chinese robot CR certification, American UL safety certification, and European CE safety certification, providing more than 2000 million kilometers of cleaning services to more than 2,000 customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The domestic cleaning robot market share is as high as 80%.

In March this year, Gaoxian Robot and Hanting Hotel reached a strategic cooperation. Hanting will use cleaning robots as a carrier to fully realize intelligent cleaning. The first batch of Gaoxian Vacuum 40 disinfecting commercial vacuuming robots will land in 50 Hanting stores. , will be fully rolled out in more than 3,000 Hanting stores in the future.

In the past few years, Gaoxian Robot’s revenue has maintained rapid growth, with an annual increase of up to 400%, serving more than half of the TOP 50 commercial real estate developers, as well as a large number of Industrial,medicaleducation and other non-commercial scenarios, the construction of this production base shows Gaoxian Robotics’ optimistic expectations for future growth, expanding production capacity in advance to ensure product delivery.

The market space for cleaning robots is huge

Cleaning service is a labor-intensive industry. However, with the further aging of the population and the reluctance of young people to engage in such boring and dirty jobs, the cleaning industry has fallen into the dilemma of difficult recruitment and large loss of personnel. In the “difficult to recruit” ranking, the cleaners ranked tenth.

In the face of the huge shortage of labor that needs to be solved urgently, commercial cleaning robots are undoubtedly the best choice. Although they cannot completely replace cleaning personnel for the time being, they can also reduce labor dependence to a certain extent, and with the maturity of the commercial cleaning Robot Industry, ” The advantages of “machine substitution” will gradually be reflected.

And the repeated epidemics have greatly improved people’s overall awareness of cleaning, which has led to the public’s demand for deep cleaning. The cleaning work has become a dominant demand for a long time to be refined, professional, and long-term. Robots undoubtedly have a greater role in these aspects. The advantages.

Relevant data show that in 2021, the scale of China’s commercial cleaning market will reach 48.82 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2025, the market will exceed 100 billion yuan. However, the current penetration rate of commercial cleaning robots is still very low, and there is huge room for future development. Partner Cao Wei said, “We are at a golden node in the outbreak and growth of commercial cleaning robots.”

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