Special medical service robot Titanium appears to replace medical staff

Special medical service robot Titanium appears to replace medical staff

A few days ago, Shanghai TitaniumrobotTechnology Co., Ltd. has completed an angel round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan, which is jointly invested by Guoke Jiahe and Shanghai Chuangtu. This financing will be mainly used for clinical trials of special medical service Robots.

“In recent years, withindustryThe concept of 4.0 has been put forward, and the application of robots has become more and more popular. At present, the application trend of robots in the market has turned to the Industrial field to the service industry. Aiming at the direction of medical services is a positioning of the Titanium robot. “Timi Robot CEO Pan Jing said. In medical services, medical staff usually encounter some working environments with radioactivity and infectious diseases. Long-term treatment and care of patients in such an environment, even if wearing special protective clothing, medical staff People still face a lot of radiation, infection and other risks.

Titanium Robot was founded in January 2015 to solve the problem of special environmental care of medical staff. Its robot belongs to the rehabilitation nursing robot. Its functions include on-time infusion services, dispensing services, physical examination services, rehabilitation care, etc. for patients, and doctors can also diagnose patients based on the data measured by the robot. In those special working environments that are radioactive and contagious, the nursing requirements for some patients with diseases are more stringent, requiring medical staff to take care of them every 2 hours in shifts, which not only brings radiation hazards to medical staff, but also increases their The workload brings management troubles to the hospital. Based on the functional characteristics of the titanium rice robot, it can gradually help medical personnel to carry out rehabilitation and nursing work, so as to protect the safety of medical personnel, help them reduce workload, and improve the medical experience of patients.

“Timi Robotics currently has more than ten patents for robot inventions, and its core technical advantages are reflected in robot movement, barriers, navigation, human-computer interaction, general robot chassis technology, etc.” Pan Jing said, “Other domestic Robot companies usually buy chassis from other places, while the universal robot chassis of Titanium Robot is independently developed and is the first system in China to support ROS (ROS is a robot software platform that provides functions similar to operating systems for heterogeneous computer clusters) Medical service robot platform.” In addition, the TiMi robot can selectively carry a variety of sensors and other accessories, including infrared, ultrasonic, lidar, voice modules, etc., which can easily realize autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, human-computer interaction and wireless Video image transmission and other functions help doctors collect various physiological data of patients in time.

At present, the titanium rice robot is in the clinical trial stage and has not yet entered commercial use. The first cooperative hospital is the Union Hospital. In April 2016, Titanium Robot signed a cooperation agreement with Xiehe Hospital. It is expected that it will be unveiled at the 150th anniversary celebration of Xiehe Hospital at the end of October.

Regarding the future business model, Pan Jing said that the titanium rice robot will be rented and sold in two ways. The price of a robot is about one-third to half of similar products in Europe and the United States, and the rental method is supported. Pan Jing said that the future goal of Titanium Robot is to put more than ten Titanium robots in each of the top three hospitals in cooperation.

The current team size of Titanium Robot is 30 people. CEO Pan Jing is a graduate student majoring in robotics at Shanghai Jiaotong University. After graduation, he joined National Instruments and served as the manager of the R&D department and the marketing department. He has ten years of experience in robot system design and development. Software, the world’s largest student robot competition First Robotic Competition competition platform, Caltech robot MOOC platform, MIT’s Cheetah robot system, etc.

After this angel round of financing, Titanium Robot is planning to conduct A round of financing.

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