Smart technology interprets comfortable life Schneider Electric joins hands with designers to create a “home away from home”

When the snow covered the mountains of Chongli again, the city known to the world for hosting some events of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics began to welcome a large number of ice and snow sports enthusiasts.

Many tourists come to Chongli, in addition to reminiscing about the fierce Olympic Games and trying it out on the track, they also hope to cleanse their souls and wash away the fatigue of the whole year in the pure ice and snow world. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are people’s basic needs in life. When traveling outside, the quality of accommodation affects the experience of play. In the fast-paced daily life, people are no longer satisfied with the standardized accommodation experience of traditional hotels, but gradually turn their attention to special homestay products. On the one hand, the environmental layout of the homestay is close to the local cultural customs, which has a higher sense of experience; on the other hand, living in the homestay makes people feel more at home, and brings a full sense of belonging to tourists living in other places.

At the end of 2021, the “Twelve Spaces Public Welfare Design Exhibition” was unveiled in Chongli, and 16 art spaces created by 23 well-known domestic first-line designers and their teams with the purpose of “designing people’s livelihood” were officially unveiled in Cuiyun Mountain snow town. This project aims to combine tourism re

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