Smart becomes low energy?Robots march into food and drink

In June 2015, the first in Hunan ProvincerobotThe restaurant opens, and there are Robots for welcoming guests, robots for making sliced ​​noodles, and robots for delivering food. But it faced bankruptcy after only one year of operation. With the development of science and technology, robots have quietly entered our lives. Since the first robot restaurant landed in Changsha, there are as many as a dozen robot restaurants that can be found online.

Smart becomes low energy?Robots march into food and drink

Recently, the reporter visited several once-popular robot restaurants in Changsha, and found that most of the restaurants “died halfway”, and the few that survived were mostly difficult to maintain. In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that after consumers’ curiosity-seeking psychology recedes, it is the quality and service of catering that can last for a long time.

【Phenomenon】 The noodles are not tasty!Multiple robot restaurants can’t survive

“This restaurant has been closed for more than a year. The noodles are not delicious, and the store can’t continue.” On June 12, the reporter found the “Magic Robot Restaurant” in Yuelu District according to the map, but unexpectedly discovered that this Hunan restaurant The earliest robot restaurant has already changed the signboard of a fitness club.

Boss Chen of the nearby Caixing Cultural and Sports Mall introduced that in 2015, Lin Fafa, the founder of Magic Robot Restaurant, led a team to obtain the general agency of Robotic technology equipment in Hunan, and officially opened in June. The name and the novel robot mode have brought 2-3 times the customer flow to the restaurant, and many diners even came from Huaihua and other places to try it out. But within half a year, there were no people. Before the bankruptcy, it was closed for several times. months.”

It is understood that there are a total of 7 robots in the store: one welcome robot, two noodle cutting robots, and four dish delivery robots. There are 27 dining tables in the hall, and the restaurant covers an area of ​​1,500 square meters. Although it was famous at the time, the fitness club took over the store in August last year, and the robot restaurant gradually disappeared from people’s vision.

The case of the magic robot restaurant is not an isolated case. The robot noodle restaurant on Jianxiang Road in Dingwangtai also quietly “closed business” after attracting a lot of attention.

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“The original owner of the robot noodle restaurant was surnamed Huang, from the Northeast. The noodle restaurant opened in December 2015 and closed down half a month ago.” Mr. Fu, the person in charge of a tire repair shop next to the noodle restaurant, said, “It was full every day when it first opened, but The business is not good this year, and there are not enough seats for four tables at dinner time, plus there is a seven-year-old child in the family, the noodle restaurant, as the family’s only source of income, has long been unable to support the family’s expenses.”

Mr. Fu once calculated an account for the shop owner. The rent for a shop of about 50 yuan is 3,000 yuan/month, and the cost of a robot is about 56,000 yuan. In addition to the cost of water, electricity, and materials, it is impossible to make ends meet. It was transferred to the owner of a barbecue restaurant and it is currently being renovated.

[Explore the cause]The robot “shakes hands and makes people stupid”, and it will crash if it doesn’t agree with each other

The above-mentioned person said, “The robot’s noodle-slicing hands are unstable and can only do simple operations. After the gimmick, they will use it even less.”

“It’s good looking, but not strong enough.” The person in charge of a restaurant on Shaoshan South Road believes that the operating model of the robot restaurant is not perfect enough, and it can only be used for simple services such as serving dishes and welcoming guests. Moreover, most of the robots walk along the track. The restaurant area is not large, and the track is easily occupied by crowded people. The system is also prone to crash, and the maintenance master needs to be on call at any time. At the same time, the high cost is also one of the major disadvantages. The purchase and maintenance costs add up, and several waiters can be hired.

In the catering industry where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, eye-catching is certainly a major method of corporate marketing, but novelty hunting alone is not enough to make it to the end. Luo Jixiang, president of the Changsha Hunan Cuisine Chain Catering Association, said that the current operating model of robots entering the catering industry is still immature and cannot replace waiters, chefs, etc. for the time being, and there is a certain “gap” between them and consumers.

“At the beginning of robot catering, many people blindly followed the trend, so that they lost everything.” Luo Jixiang believes that the popularization of robots in the catering industry in the future still has a long way to go. Catering staff.

“Changsha and Hangzhou are the benchmarks of the national catering industry, and their innovative catering models have been imitated by the industry all the time, so the competition is extremely fierce.” Luo Jixiang said that if catering companies want to develop in the long run, the most important thing is to work hard on their core competitiveness and create high-quality products. product.

Industry insiders pointed out that it is far from enough to rely on robots to attract attention. The most important thing in the catering industry is quality and service. In the catering industry where everyone is showing their talents, although boo-head marketing is essential, after the noise is over, strong real skills are needed. “No matter how smart the catering robot is in the future, the ‘robot’ is still a tool in essence, which can make the restaurant ‘like a tiger with wings’.” , but the restaurant’s business depends more on its own strength.”

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