Siemens Releases New SCALANCE XCB004 SMART Economical Unmanaged Switch

  • The first Industrial Ethernet switch developed by a Chinese team to help enterprises accelerate interconnection
  • Support quality of service (QoS) function to provide stable guarantee for industrial communication
  • Safe and reliable industrial-grade design, suitable for various industrial environments in different industries

Siemens Releases New SCALANCE XCB004 SMART Economical Unmanaged Switch

Siemens recently released the new SCALANCE XCB004 SMART economical unmanaged switch. This product is Siemens’ first industrial Ethernet switch whose R&D and production are completed in China, which can better meet the needs of local customers. SCALANCE XCB004 SMART supports a variety of protocols and has the advantages of high cost performance and high reliability. It can meet the industrial network needs of industries such as logistics, machinery manufacturing, steel, new energy, and education, and help customers strengthen the integration of OT and IT. interconnection.

Safe and reliable, meeting the diverse needs of industrial scenarios. SCALANCE XCB004 SMART supports QoS 4 queue priorities, conforms to PROFINET CC-A standard, can connect various devices and sensors, and provides stable and reliable guarantee for industrial communication. The product adopts SELV safe ultra-low voltage design, which has strong anti-interference, anti-vibration and impact capabilities, and can adapt to complex industrial environments.

It is easy to use and provides stable industrial network access support. The simplified SCALANCE XCB004 SMART focuses on the needs of local customers and is cost-effective. It can help enterprise customers achieve intra-factory interconnection at a controllable cost. There is a QR code printed on the front panel of the product, and the mobile phone can scan the code to obtain product information, solve after-sales problems, help customers improve the efficiency of product use and maintenance, and further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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