Siemens launches a new generation of industrial Ethernet switches to strengthen collaboration between OT and IT

  • Launch of the Scalance XC/XR-300 series, compact and 19-inch models
  • Create a new generation of Industrial networks, better connect OT and IT to achieve more flexible and secure production
  • Next-generation switches will support time-sensitive networking (TSN)

During the 2022 Nuremberg Electrical automation Systems and Components Exhibition (SPS), Siemens launched a new generation of Scalance XC-/XR-300 series industrial Ethernet switches. As more and more machines, control devices and IT systems are connected to the network in industrial production, the network at the production level is also becoming more complex. In order to ensure the reliability of data exchange, it is necessary to apply high-performance industrial Ethernet switches with multiple ports and high bandwidth. Siemens Scalance XC-/XR-300 series products are born in response to the needs. The Layer 2 managed switches in this series are available now and the machines consist of two versions, compact and 19” rack type for control cabinets.

Siemens launches a new generation of industrial Ethernet switches to strengthen collaboration between OT and IT

Hardware upgrades are realized through software updates to make products more adaptable to future development needs

The new generation of Scalance XC-/XCM-300 and Scalance XR-/XRM-300 series switches has a high port density and supports the connection of multiple devices in large network infrastructures. Thanks to high-bandwidth ports (data rates up to 10 Gbit/s), the new generation of Ethernet switches also supports various OT network applications such as data, voice, video and Profinet.

Industrial enterprises will also benefit from the migration capabilities of the new generation of switches. The migration function is applicable to all models of the Scalance XC-/XR-300 series that use the old operating system and the Scalance XCM-/XRM-300 series that use the new operating system launched after 2022. Both operating systems can be updated through software upgrades, which means that users can adapt to new and changing needs without replacing the device. In the future, the software update speed of the new operating system will also be faster and more convenient.

Time-sensitive networking makes industrial networks more flexible and secure

Siemens Scalance XCM-300 and Scalance XRM-300 series switches will support more innovative technologies in the future, such as time-sensitive networking (TSN), edge functions and seamless redundancy, etc., to further enhance real-time communication and security. This series of products also has integrated security functions such as SSH and SSL protocols, which can further ensure network security and prevent unauthorized network access and configuration.

Jens Geider, Head of Scalance Products at Siemens, said: “By deploying the new Scalance X-300 series of industrial Ethernet switches, customers can make the network environment in the factory more suitable for future development needs. With the new generation of industrial Ethernet switches, customers will further strengthen the factory. The OT and IT collaboration within the system allows the OT network to be easily connected to the IT network, enabling more flexible production.”

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