Shan Xiangshuang: The next decade will enter the era of robots

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: I like poetry and the distance, and I don’t care about the troubles in front of me. Shan Xiangshuang, chairman and president of China Merchants Investment, is a sentimental investor and entrepreneur who has always adhered to persistent beliefs and never compromises with reality.

The profit of the 2016 annual report of China Merchants Investment has fallen sharply. An old PE company that manages more than 30 billion funds has only a profit of more than 10 million, which has brought a lot of pressure to Shan Xiangshuang. However, he firmly believes that the squat is for a new start. Among the top ten venture capital institutions according to Zero2IPO statistics, only Sequoia Capital, IDG and ZhenFund have invested in more than 300 projects over the years; while China Merchants Investment completed 312 venture capital investments in 2016 alone. Facing the ups and downs of the market and the twists and turns of the road ahead, Shan Xiangshuang led Zhongke Investment to maintain a strategic focus, innovate channels and paths, and start large-scale seeding.

Strategy, layout and innovation are the magic weapons for Zhongke Investment to succeed today. Shan Xiangshuang integrated the strategy into the mission of the company from the very beginning of the establishment of Zhongke Investment. It is precisely because of this mission that Zhongke Investment always pays attention to the general trend of the country, the market and the financial trend, and follows the general trend to become a major event. It is thanks to this that every time Zhongke Investment can seize major strategic opportunities.

The first time was the GEM launch, and within three years, Zhongke Investment established more than 100 funds; the second time was the New Third Board launch, Zhongke Investment was the first to land, and the fixed increase was madly robbed, raising hundreds of funds in two months. The third time was during the stock market crash in 2015. In response to the country’s call to buck the trend, China Merchants Group raised its placard. The most successful case is that Dingtai New Materials, which raised the placard, completed the industrial integration of SF Holding (50.26 -1.24%, buy). After the listing, China Merchants Investment Co., Ltd. reduced securities investment on a large scale, but the overall profit from the listing is still good. Investing is about being bold when others are fearful, and being in awe when others are greedy.

Shan Xiangshuang judges that the opportunities for China Science and Technology to attract investment in the next ten years lie in industrial transformation and upgrading (Aiki, net worth, information), innovation and entrepreneurship and internationalization. Since 2015, they have been in-depth layout in these three areas, and only in 2016 did the explosive growth in 2016. , and completed more than 300 venture capital projects. Zhongke Investment has positioned its mission for a long time in the future to serve the national strategy, regional economy and mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

“In the next ten years, Big Intelligence + will reshape all industries,robotIt will replace mobile phones as the most reliant partner of human work and life, and the era of Robots may surpass the past includingindustryany age, including the age of the information age, the age of the internet, and the age of the Internet. When Shan Xiangshuang accepted an exclusive interview with China Times, he made a judgment on the industry and investment trends in the next ten years.

Three elements of success: projects, talents, and funds

“China Times”: Venture capital, industrial transformation and upgrading, and internationalization are the three directions of investment promotion in China Science and Technology. You mentioned that you can’t just pick apples, but also plant trees. PE companies do early venture capital projects to penetrate upstream, but You are engaged in entrepreneurship education with universities. Do you think the expected harvest will be achieved in the future?

Shan Xiangshuang: Entrepreneurial projects, talents and capital are the key points of Zhongke’s investment promotion layout. Zhongke Investment has signed entrepreneurial university training programs with more than 100 universities to cultivate entrepreneurial and innovative talents, and also won high-tech projects in colleges and universities. According to statistics from the United States, the proportion of entrepreneurship among college students is 5%. Even if China is calculated according to 5/10,000, a university with a scale of 10,000 people has 5 projects every year, and more than 100 universities have more than 500 projects every year. . Within three to five years, there will be 500 Chinese-Science-Tech investment cooperation universities. At that time, there will be more than 2,000 high-tech entrepreneurial projects every year. We can choose high-quality projects and talent teams to invest and cultivate.

Now, both local governments and universities require us to set up venture capital funds locally. Each university is short of setting up a venture capital fund of 200 million yuan. If it goes well, 100 universities will receive a venture capital fund of 20 billion yuan this year. Instantly became the largest venture capital fund. After 16 years of development, Zhongke Investment Management has only managed more than 30 billion yuan of funds. If a university sets up a venture capital fund of 500 million yuan, the scale of venture capital funds of 100 universities will reach 50 billion yuan this year. In the future, our goal is to cover 500 universities, the scale of venture capital funds will be larger, and our venture capital will be fully opened. One generation has the achievements of one generation. With the continuous flow of projects, talents and funds, the venture capital of Zhongke Investment will experience explosive growth.

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“China Times”: You have chosen a unique venture investment path, which may lead to the birth of China’s largest venture capital fund. It seems that strategies and methods will always be the lifeblood.

Shan Xiangshuang: Venture capital is the original intention of China Science and Technology Investment Promotion. Our main business has always been developed around venture capital. Our left hand is venture capital, and our right hand is industry. The focus of industry focus is industrial transformation and upgrading. With the huge production capacity, industrial scale and industrial re

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