“Shaanxi” industrial robots become “stars” of technological innovation

At the recently held aerospace technology to help Shaanxi industry exhibition, the independent core of Xi’an Aerospace Precision Mechatronics Research Instituterobot“Qin” made its debut and attracted a lot of attention.

In the eyes of industry insiders, “Qin” has broken through the bottleneck of long-term dependence on imports for key core components of Robots.ServomotorServo Drive, RVreducerThe core components are all independently developed by local enterprises in Shaanxi, so a more friendly name – “Shaanxi” robot has become its nickname.

High-end equipment, especially intelligent equipment such as robots, is considered to be the key to the transformation and upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry.Made in China 2025“The implementation of the national development strategy has effectively promoted the development of intelligent equipment in Shaanxi and the innovation of models.

With the deepening of economic globalization, the development of the Robot Industry requires the whole society to work closely together and work together. Through the establishment of a strategic alliance for technological innovation in the robotics industry, Shaanxi gathers resources from the industry, science and technology, government departments, third-party professional services, etc., so as to connect the original fragmented research force with the island-style innovation carrier, and integrate all resources, Strengthen Industrial cooperation and form a mechanism for working together to solve the problems of foreign monopoly in the high-end market of the robot industry in Shaanxi Province, the import dependence of key components and the relative dispersion of research forces. The alliance takes into account the upstream and downstream technical resources of the robotics industry, helps companies upgrade their industries, sorts out technical reserves and needs, and releases the potential of scientific and technological achievements.

“Shaanxi” industrial robots become “stars” of technological innovation

On November 8th, at the debugging site of the Aerospace Saineng robot, engineers used spikes to simulate the coordinate system of the robot’s five-point positioning tool, in order toautomationAccurate and fast establishment of the robot coordinate system on the production line.

Shaanxi is rich in scientific and technological talent resources, providing a solid scientific and technological foundation and talent reserve for the development of the robot industry. In precision reducer, servo motor and driver, robot motion control system,machine visionandindustryrobotThe whole machine has certain technology and industrial accumulation. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Shaanxi made deployments for the market according to the development trend of the robot industry.Among them, Qin ChuanmechanicalWith its own advantages in gear processing, the development company has established a production and research and development base for RV reducers; at the same time, Weihe Tool & Mould Factory has expanded the harmonic reducer originally used in aerospace to the field of robots.

As the earliest professional unit engaged in the research and production of liquid-floating inertial devices in China, Xi’an Aerospace Precision Mechatronics Research Institute has taken the lead in proposing and realizing the whole industry chain development model of the automation industry in recent years, focusing on the development of the aerospace technology application industry that integrates the military and the people— —Intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial automation, formed industrial robots, RV reducers, AC servo motors, servo drives, motioncontrollerAs well as 6 professional R&D teams including system integration applications, they have developed a series of industrial robots, core components and system integration products. At present, it has successfully provided a number of automatic packaging, welding assembly and other production lines for users in the fields of electronic communication, automobile and spare parts, machinery manufacturing, injection molding, etc. .

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Shaanxi’s robot industry will always focus on the major needs of people’s livelihood technology and economic development, focus on breaking through the key technologies that restrict the development of robots and industries in our province, strengthen the introduction of independent research and development technologies, and actively explore new investment and financing models. and business model, continuously launch products with more application value and market prospects, strive to build several leading enterprises, and cultivate the robot industry into a strategic emerging industry in our province. advanced level.

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