Schneider Electric: How can the automotive industry “drive” towards a digital low-carbon future more safely and smoothly?

Recently, the AEE2023 Automotive Technology Annual Conference focusing on the field of automotive engineering and intelligent manufacturing was successfully held in Hefei. Zhu Li, senior architect of the automotive industry for Schneider Electric’s Industrial automation business, was invited to attend, discussing the development trend of the automotive industry with industry experts, and sharing Schneider Electric’s past EcoStruxureTM IoT represents green and intelligent manufacturing solutions for the automotive industry, as well as rich industry application and practical experience.

Schneider Electric: How can the automotive industry “drive” towards a digital low-carbon future more safely and smoothly?

Zhu Li, senior architect of the automotive industry at Schneider Electric’s industrial automation business, delivered a speech

The industrial chain with both depth and breadth, coupled with the huge market scale, has made the automobile industry an “excellent representative” of the country’s industrial strength. However, with profound “qualifications”, it is also necessary to “advance with the times”. In recent years, internal and external factors such as new track competition and industrial efficiency improvement demand have continued to jointly promote the automotive industry to accelerate the transformation from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. change.

As a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has been deeply involved in the automotive industry for many years. Through the overall solution based on the EcoStruxureTM IoT industrial internet platform, it has opened up the upstream and downstream information flow, relying on the integrated integration platform of data collection stations and industrial Internet of Things , integrated operation management scheduling center and digital transformation planning consulting, covering four-layer solutions of workshop edge layer, smart factory, enterprise operation, supply chain and decision-making, responding to the different needs of enterprise edge layer, platform layer and application layer, and helping the industry digital transformation.

EcoStruxureTM IoT industrial Internet platform, creating a “new engine” for green and intelligent manufacturing

Industrial digital transformation is a data-driven industrial revolution. The automotive industry also needs to use data to drive the digital transformation of car companies – only scattered data is not enough, so that production equipment can be interconnected, data collection, Only by storing and using it highly can the goal of digital transformation be achieved.

The industrial Internet platform EcoStruxureTM IoT industrial Internet platform launched by Schneider Electric is committed to becoming the core and “engine” of the future smart factory: the platform can cross operating systems and can “seamlessly integrate” with the company’s existing information system to provide excellent data Computing, storage services and application support services, while ensuring data security.

  • Abundant computing services that can provide a variety of industry analysis and diagnosis models
  • Large-scale computing storage and strong compression capabilities save storage costs
  • Fine-grained data security, and supports data backup and recovery
  • PMA Equipment Predictive Maintenance
  • Manufacturing production system “good assistant”

Predictive maintenance consultant, escort for enterprise production

A car is composed of thousands of parts, just like a “super toy”, but its assembly is far beyond imagination: from the production of parts to the delivery of the whole vehicle, there are many equipment processes involved in the process, “Let’s see Move your whole body.” In order to ensure the safety, continuity and stability of production, the predictive maintenance of key equipment has become the “top priority”.

In the EcoStruxure factory solution, the Schneider Electric Predictive Maintenance Advisor (EcoStruxure Predictive Maintenance Advisor, PMA) solution can comprehensively improve equipment health, predict equipment failures in advance to avoid unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment efficiency. Guarantee the on-time execution of the production plan, respond to the market demand of customers in a timely manner, and effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of the enterprise at the same time.

  • Provide accurate and timely alarms to key production equipment to reduce unplanned downtime;
  • Predict equipment failures in advance, so that various departments can adjust production schedules in advance to avoid situations where supply exceeds demand;
  • Accurately locate equipment faults, which has a great reference effect on the equipment maintenance of on-site inspection personnel;
  • Improve the informatization level of factory equipment management, access process parameters, and realize real-time monitoring and interconnection of equipment status;
  • Personnel from all departments sign in and check in, and implement tracking and performance scoring of key equipment inspections.

Schneider Electric: How can the automotive industry “drive” towards a digital low-carbon future more safely and smoothly?

PMA mobile APP monitoring interface

Integrate energy management with automation and implement the double carbon target “re-upgrade”

With the advancement of the “dual carbon” strategy, the automobile industry, as one of the main industries in carbon reduction, is accelerating the process of carbon emission reduction. Schneider Electric organically integrates energy management with processes, processes, and automation to improve production and energy efficiency. Through energy management solutions, such as energy efficiency control+, power quality monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance system for public power equipment, energy management and carbon reduction consulting and engineering services, etc., based on comprehensive and real energy consumption data and relying on innovative technological transformation methods, help Customers in the automotive industry realize the quantification and lean management of energy consumption.

At present, digital solutions are penetrating into every link of research, production, supply, marketing and service in the automotive industry, becoming an important driving force for the digital transformation and low-carbon transformation of the automotive industry. Schneider Electric will use EcoStruxureTM IoT Industrial Internet as the core smart factory digital solution to create a complete architecture covering multiple links in the automotive industry, help build smart factories in the automotive industry, and contribute to the green digital transformation of the automotive industry.

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