Schneider Electric: High-speed expansion of new energy, three must-answer questions to be answered

This year, global climate change and international crisis events have heated up the “energy topic” again, and also pushed the development of new energy around the world into the fast lane. In China, based on the “dual carbon” commitment, the new power system with new energy as the main body is accelerating the transformation, and the installed capacity and power generation of new energy represented by wind power and photovoltaics will gradually increase. It is estimated that by 2030, my country’s wind power, solar power and other new energy power generation capacity will surpass coal power to become the largest power source, and the proportion of new energy power generation is expected to exceed 50% by 2060. The rapid expansion of new energy brings both opportunities and challenges, and the industry urgently needs to break through a series of new challenges based on the characteristics of new energy.

Schneider Electric: High-speed expansion of new energy, three must-answer questions to be answered

Systemic challenges, urgent need for digitally enabled full life cycle solutions

The new energy power generation represented by solar power and wind power has the characteristics of natural randomness, volatility and intermittence. challenge.

From the perspective of the power supply side, with the increase in the penetration rate of new energy installations represented by wind power and photovoltaics, due to the “reverse load” characteristics of wind power that is low during the day and high at night, photovoltaics have the characteristics of being available during the day and not at night, and cannot be Maintaining stable output will greatly increase the stability risk of the power grid. On the grid side, more and more distributed new energy sources are connected to the distribution network, which also greatly tests the flexibility of the distribution network. From the perspective of power demand, the peak-to-valley difference between my country’s power grid load has been increasing year by year. With the development of cities and the deepening of electrification, the replacement of electric energy in the Industrial field and the increase in the number of electric vehicles in the transportation field will break the original relatively stable electric energy demand rule, which is dominated by industrial and residential electricity. This will further amplify the impact of new energy access on the stability of the power system.

It can be seen that the challenges brought by new energy are systematic challenges that run through the entire link of the source, network, load and storage, and related problems are also interlinked and mutually restrained. Therefore, in order to meet the challenges, it is necessary to make full use of digital technology, make a comprehensive layout from the perspective of covering the whole life cycle, and go deep into each link, break through the levels one by one, and finally achieve a joint breakthrough.

Schneider Electric: High-speed expansion of new energy, three must-answer questions to be answered

Based on the power system digital twin capability, Schneider Electric has built a solution based on EcoStruxure™ architecture and platform for the new energy industry, covering the entire life cycle from planning and design to construction to operation and maintenance. At the same time, it can ensure the reliable supply of power security. The solution integrates a number of digital technologies, and with the help of ETAP simulation analysis software and EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor microgrid energy advisor (EMA) and other application systems to extend the capabilities, it completely covers the enterprise from planning and design to operation and maintenance. Advanced in the whole life cycle range It can help enterprises accurately predict revenue, balance power supply and demand, realize energy storage scheduling, and optimize operation and maintenance at the system level, so as to achieve the goal of maximizing economy and efficiency under the coordination of wind and solar storage.

Among them, the ETAP intelligent digital twin solution provides a full life cycle solution for design, operation and maintenance of new energy, and improves the safety, reliability and compliance of the design through power simulation analysis, and the ETAP PPC power plant control system ensures the safety and compliance of the power station. Faced with the comprehensive energy management needs of a high proportion of new energy access on the user side, EMA microgrid energy consultants have made it possible to monitor and control new energy resources through accurate prediction of power generation and load, mature control logic for off-grid switching, and stable edge control capabilities. The control can be optimized to realize the integrated stable and efficient operation of “source-grid-load-storage”.

Unlimited scenery, safety and green are the prerequisites

The reliability requirements of new power generation systems for new energy power generation systems are far higher than in the past, which requires power generation projects to take safety as the first priority in operation. On the one hand, the large-scale wind turbines and the high construction cost of offshore wind power have special industry attributes, which put forward higher requirements for the high performance and reliability of electrical products; In harsh environments, coupled with the sensitivity of electrical equipment to the environment, the performance and durability of power generation components are the keys to supporting the source power of the new energy industry. In addition, in order to solve the safety challenges on the production side of the new energy industry, Schneider Electric provides different product portfolios and solutions for wind, solar, storage and other power generation scenarios.

Continuing the consistent product quality, Schneider Electric provides safe, durable, high-performance and value-for-money components to the new energy industry through innovative and agile research and development, effectively ensuring the reliability of new energy power generation systems. Taking the new generation of TeSys F special contactors for the wind power industry as an example, Schneider Electric takes the lead in upgrading 1140V high voltage, so that professional contactor products can achieve high-altitude voltage without derating, and at the same time, with strong durability, it can pass through harsh environments, salt Strict tests such as fog, vibration, high and low temperature, etc., build a stable “cornerstone” for safe and reliable operation in various power generation scenarios. For the special application scenarios of offshore wind power, Schneider Electric’s MVS TA8 series 1380V disconnector can withstand a shock load of up to 30g, the salt spray standard is up to level 1, and the corrosion resistance is up to C4, which is suitable for harsh offshore environments.

Schneider Electric: High-speed expansion of new energy, three must-answer questions to be answered

TeSys F contactor for wind power industry

While the rapid expansion of clean energy is promoting the green transformation of the industry, the “green” degree of new energy electrical equipment itself is equally important. As an advocate, practitioner and enabler of sustainable development, Schneider Electric realizes low-carbon product supply based on its profound advantages in the field of green manufacturing. Adhering to the concept of green design, at the beginning of product design, Schneider Electric has integrated concepts and technologies such as energy saving and low carbon, and improving resource recycling rate, which not only makes the product meet the reliability in terms of function and manufacturing process, but also provides a full range of applications. A methodology for life cycle analysis problems. At the product level, the carbon footprint is reduced on a large scale, enabling customers to achieve carbon neutrality goals and sustainable development. At the same time, it also contributes green transformation ideas and successful samples to the manufacturing industry.

Multi-dimensional challenges, ecological innovation is the eternal power of sustainable development

Under the “dual carbon” goal, the challenges faced by the new energy industry are multi-dimensional, not only to face the speed challenge under the carbon reduction goal, but also to face the cost challenge under the economic proposition, but also to consider the balance of demand and economic development in the energy reform social challenges. Therefore, the industry needs to open up the cooperation of all links in the industry in a more open atmosphere, and seek breakthroughs through innovation. Through joint innovation and agile development, Schneider Electric cooperates closely with Mingyang Group to jointly promote the implementation of innovative technologies. The two parties signed a memorandum of cooperation in March 2021, promising to carry out in-depth cooperation in joint product research and development, joint development of industry standards and new business models. In the floating offshore wind power project cooperation last year, the two parties launched the MVS-T6 air circuit breaker for offshore wind power only within half a year. This circuit breaker product not only has a full range of high breaking capacity of 1140V/66kA, but also adopts special materials and processes for anti-corrosion. It has also passed the special test certification of floating offshore wind power in various harsh environments, and its performance is leading the industry. It ensures the continuous and healthy work of offshore wind power equipment.

Sustainability is not only the proposition of the enterprise, but also the proposition of the industry. Through an open cooperation model, Schneider Electric drives collaborative innovation in the industry chain and contributes innovative vitality to the industry. As a digital transformation expert in the field of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric will also help new energy industry partners meet challenges through reliable and excellent product quality and efficient and feasible digital solutions under the key points of safety, efficiency and greenness. With such rich preparations, I believe that in the future, we will witness the acceleration of the new energy industry on a sustainable long-term road, and share the high-quality green development achievements of the industry.

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