Schneider Electric drives industry “double transformation” with software and innovation

In 2021, Schneider Electric Digital Industry Demonstration Park will be located in Yizhuang, Beijing. The Schneider Electric (China) Software R&D Center, which is located in it, has become the fourth R&D center established by the Shi family in China.

Schneider Electric drives industry “double transformation” with software and innovation

More than a year later, the China Software R&D Center recently held an “Innovation Open Day” to count the innovative R&D achievements of the R&D center over the past year, discuss software development trends with partners, and discuss in-depth how software and hardware integration innovation will contribute to the green industry. The positive enabling role of development fully demonstrates the strategic layout of the Shi family in deepening R&D in China.

Zhang Lei, Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Digital Service Business China in China, Hu Xiao, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Industrial automation China R&D Center, Fu Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Software Industry Association, and Zou Pengcheng, CEO of Thundersoft, At the “Innovation Open Day” event, the topic of “software innovation drives digitalization and low-carbon dual transformation” was launched.

Schneider Electric drives industry “double transformation” with software and innovation

Vice President of Schneider Electric,

Zhang Lei, head of digital service business in China, delivered a keynote speech

As China’s economy moves towards high-quality development, the vigorous development of the digital economy continues to bring new development momentum to the industry. At the same time, the dual-carbon goal has moved from concept to practice, urging all industries to speed up action.

Shi Jia believes that on the road of low-carbon development and digital “double transformation”, software will become a powerful engine of growth – software can open up all links of products, production operations and assets, realize full life cycle management, and make data “available”. “Viewable, Manageable, Controllable, and Available”, to promote the coordinated management and whole-process optimization of the entire industrial chain from design, construction, operation to maintenance, so as to simultaneously achieve quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Fu Xiaoyu said: “At present, we are ushering in a new ‘golden decade’ for the software industry: on the one hand, it is the strong support of policies, and on the other hand, it is the trend of accelerated informatization in the post-epidemic era. Under this, the software industry will usher in great opportunities for development. It is believed that software will become the carrier of future innovation and the key technical support for the low-carbon and digital transformation of all walks of life.”

Zhang Lei said: “For enterprises to maximize the value of software, the key is to integrate IT and OT to build the cornerstone for software to play a role. Schneider Electric uses the deep integration of IT and OT, combined with consulting services from planning to implementation, to help the industry. Carbon reduction all the way.”

In order to achieve this goal, the China Software R&D Center has updated and upgraded its IoT platform since its establishment one year ago, provided 18 algorithm services, achieved a cloud service rate of 99.9%, and has 18 technical partners. Make efforts to support Shijia’s innovation and leadership in the digital field.

Hu Xiao said: “Innovation is an important force that continues to promote industrial upgrading, but what is more important is the collaborative innovation of software and hardware.”

With the rapid innovation of digital technology and the continuous emergence of innovative scenarios, the collaborative innovation of software and hardware is going hand in hand in a spiraling development trend. Shijia has always been committed to promoting the in-depth integration of technology and scenarios, industrializing “technology” and fixing “scenarios”, relying on the underlying innovation of software and hardware, accelerating the rapid deployment from laboratory innovation to landing scenarios, and providing customers with continuous and strong Digital power.

Schneider Electric drives industry “double transformation” with software and innovation

Schneider Electric “Innovation Open Day” Roundtable Forum

In order to more strongly promote the dual transformation, the software industry must continue to innovate, especially to strengthen localized innovation for various application scenarios.

Over the past 35 years, the Shi family has continuously increased its investment in China. The China Software R&D Center established in 2021 is committed to providing cutting-edge digital solutions in the fields of 5G, industrial internet, industrial digital applications, and energy digital management, and continues to accelerate the development of software technology. Iteration and application are implemented to consolidate the innovative R&D system integrating software and hardware at home.

Schneider Electric drives industry “double transformation” with software and innovation

Innovation Open Day on-site visit

In the digital age, the application and development of software is also inseparable from extensive ecological collaboration. As a long-term partner of Schneider Electric, Zou Pengcheng, CEO of Thundersoft, said that software to promote industrial development requires ecological synergy, software as the body, and service as the use. Only the integration and innovation among enterprises can empower the development of all industries.

In addition, on the first anniversary of the launch of the Schneider Electric developer community, the “Innovation Open Day” site also issued employment certificates to community experts. As an important measure to jointly build a digital ecosystem with partners and end users, the Schneider Electric developer community provides complete services through four functions: technical forums, online courses, download areas, and related activities, attracting software development practitioners to conduct research and progress together.

With the entry of more professionals, the developer community will also discuss industry digital applications with the software R&D center to empower enterprises’ digital transformation.

Zhang Lei, vice president of Schneider Electric, head of the digital service business in China, said that software innovation is not only an important force for accelerating the digital transformation of the industry, but also the core driving force for “zero carbon”. In the future, Schneider Electric Software R&D Center will continue to deepen the ‘soft’ strength of innovation and R&D, and extensively empower users and ecological partners to jointly create a green ecosystem and accelerate the realization of efficient and sustainable dual transformation.

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