Schneider Electric and BitSight Establish Strategic Cooperation to Escort Industrial Information Security

  • Strategic Collaboration Aims to Improve Detection of OT Exposure Risks by Identifying Misconfigurations of Connected Devices
  • Improve the overall information security of customer and partner OT environments

Recently, the global experts in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation and BitSight, a world-renowned leader in the field of information security risk detection and management, announced the establishment of a strategic partnership to jointly build the world’s first operational technology (OT) risk identification and threat intelligence capabilities.

Schneider Electric and BitSight Establish Strategic Cooperation to Escort Industrial Information Security

In recent years, random attackers and professional attackers have become more and more inclined to target Industrial and operational sites, and are committed to improving industrial security and resilience. BitSight and BitSight regard this cooperation as a process of further fulfilling this commitment This is an important step forward – the two parties will work together to detect OT protocols exposed to the internet environment and improve their use according to specific applications.

Based on this cooperation, Schneider Electric will combine its deep understanding of OT protocols and systems with BitSight’s leading risk detection and management capabilities, and promote the OT community’s proactive security monitoring of externally observable risks through a series of important insights. The collaboration aims to enhance industrial security and further increase visibility into the risks of cyber intrusions on industrial infrastructure and industrial control system (ICS) devices.

Stephen Boyer, co-founder and chief technology officer of BitSight, said: “We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with us to jointly promote the crucial issue of OT security, so as to better deal with the information security risks faced by OT systems. We shoulder the same responsibility The mission is to improve the information security protection capabilities of all types of interconnected businesses and industries, and build trust in the era of digital economy. OT systems are exposed and easy to become targets of attack, and attackers often launch attacks through connected devices and converged networks. We will communicate with Schneider Electric’s partnership strengthens capabilities to better detect risks to customers’ industrial infrastructure and control systems, helping to improve business resilience and proactively address this downstream risk.”

Christophe Blassiau, Senior Vice President of Digital Security and Global Chief Information Security Officer, said: “With the vast amount of data and insights collected by BitSight, OT threat intelligence capabilities are being built to notify customers when their assets are at risk or there are insecure network deployments. .”

The risk identification and threat intelligence capabilities built through this collaboration will generate the data sets needed to help identify key risk concentrations and drive subsequent remedial actions, benefiting customers and the community at large.

The new capabilities built by the two parties focus on identifying and mitigating risks across the OT domain, and this is not an exclusive cooperation mechanism between BitSight and Schneider Electric. All OT vendors who are willing to share product information to improve risk detection and traceability can participate.

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