ROOBO pudding robot launches McDull version of artificial intelligence market prospects

There is a child in everyone’s heart, and every adult dreams of having another childhood, to get close to those childhood friends Doraemon, Winnie the Pooh, McDull, if artificial intelligence technology can help you realize this dream, you believe it?

Recently, the pudding developed by Beijing Intelligent Butler Technology Co., Ltd. (ROOBO), an advocate and promoter of the domestic intelligent hardware product businessrobotLaunched the McDull series. With a cute appearance and full of technological connotations, this intelligent robot that combines artificial intelligence, massive content and McDull’s unique appearance, voice, and personality seems to turn the virtual into reality.

Through the deep implantation of Mai’s dialogue style, the amusing Mai’s feedback can be triggered through natural sentences. “Mai’s Pudding” can chat with you at any time about eating, sleeping, and fighting monsters… Not only does it make adults a childhood companion, It can also bring more fun to children.

ROOBO pudding robot launches McDull version of artificial intelligence market prospects

On May 18, this McDull robot successfully landed on Taobao crowdfunding, and successfully achieved the crowdfunding goal within 24 hours. At the same time, Tmall and started to go online, attracting the attention of consumers, and this is only one of the successful pudding Robots developed by ROOBO. miniature.

Since May 11 this year, the pudding robot was officially unveiled at the Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CESAsia2016). After continuous upgrades and the opening of multiple booking platforms such as and Tmall, the first batch of pudding robots has exceeded tens of thousands of reservations. It achieved mass production and became the sales champion of intelligent robots on

As we all know, many of the so-called smart cute pet robots in China have not achieved the expected functions, and most of them are still stuck inmechanicalThe pudding robot launched by ROOBO not only achieved mass production and achieved a breakthrough in sales, but also combined with movie peripheral products to complete the perfect combination of reality and feelings.

The industry also sighed that intelligent robot products are no longer cold and can play so many new tricks.

Summarizing its experience, we can see the secret behind its success. First, it respects the nostalgic feelings of fans. It is reported that the reason why Pudding Robot launched this product is because it has done a lot of research in the early stage and found that McDull has a lot of weight in the hearts of most people. , He is cute and heroic, so the company contacted the intellectual property party to obtain formal authorization, and adopted the crowdfunding model in the research and development stage, gathering the power of fans, and fully realizing McDull’s cute appearance, voice and personality.

The second is to integrate a number of black technologies. Pudding has jointly developed the R-KIDS children’s chat engine with iFLYTEK to deeply optimize the recognition of children’s voices and the understanding of children’s specific V vocabulary, and can directly communicate with McDull; through the super cloud network, it can Continuously update English, stories, music, and encyclopedia, realize remote high-definition video calls, and also realize shooting/recording/reviewing functions.

The third is to play cross-border marketing with the help of film entertainment marketing. During the Shanghai Film Festival on June 15th, the seventh major film in the McDull series, “McDull Rice Treasure Soldier” held a birthday party full of two-dimensional charm, “Double is a Hero”, to warm up for the national release on July 22nd. , ROOBO brought its own McDull series of robots, interacted with the audience on the spot, and sprouted the audience.

ROOBO pudding robot launches McDull version of artificial intelligence market prospects

The combination of high technology and real life has made artificial intelligence technology increasingly popular, and it has also made R&D companies a dark horse in the industry.

The developer of the pudding robot is an advocate and promoter of the domestic intelligent hardware product business. Beijing Intelligent Butler Technology Co., Ltd. (ROOBO) improves the intelligent interactive experience and service, and makes technology bring more convenience, fun and beauty to life. It is ROOBO ‘s original intention. At present, its product chain covers intelligent robot products, intelligent sports headsets, intelligent follower drones and VR all-in-one machines.

A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology,industryTogether with the Ministry of Information Technology and the Central Network Information Office, the “internet +” Artificial Intelligence Three-Year Action Implementation Plan was formulated. The booming Industrial application of artificial intelligence has also become an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of many industries and a popular direction for investment and entrepreneurship. Many Internet giants have invested heavily in the field of artificial intelligence, and seized the technological high ground in fields such as speech recognition, image recognition, and autonomous driving technology.

At the right time and place, artificial intelligence robots are ushering in an unprecedented development opportunity.

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