“Robot strategy” knocks on the door of intelligent manufacturing

Sales increased by 6.4%, profit increased by 24.6%, unpacking pass rate increased to 99.6%, manufacturing efficiency increased by 30% every year, and manufacturing cost decreased by 25%… A series of figures reflect the changes Skyworth has experienced in the past year. These changes happened precisely when the implementationrobotOn Skyworth’s strategy and smart manufacturing strategy. What has Skyworth experienced? Skyworth’s flat-panel TV smart manufacturing pilot demonstration is worthy of our careful study.

Walk into Skyworth in Bao’an District, ShenzhenindustryIn the garden, a strong manufacturing atmosphere is blowing. The streets are clean and tidy, there are not too many people coming and going, and there are occasionally passing trucks around… But in this seemingly peaceful manufacturing base, it happened quietly. It is a huge change that has profoundly transformed the entire Chinese color TV industry.

As an intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project enterprise in 2015 and an intelligent manufacturing standard-setting enterprise in the color TV industry, Skyworth’s every move is undoubtedly of symbolic significance. To this end, the reporter interviewed Wang Dehui, the vice president of the business unit, and made a special trip to the workshop of the manufacturing headquarters of Skyworth Group’s color TV business headquarters. Through the reporter’s in-depth visit, a pragmatic and innovative “new” traditional home appliance giant was clearly displayed in front of us.

Forward-looking layout

Skyworth began to attach importance to intelligent transformation since 2012, which is three years ahead of the official release of “Made in China 2025” in China. It must be said that Skyworth’s executives have advanced strategic vision in the field of intelligent manufacturing. At that time, my country’s color TV industry was still mainly labor-intensive, and faced a series of problems such as high labor costs and low system efficiency. In 2012, the senior management of Skyworth Group proposed and implemented the “robot strategy”, and raised it to the company’s strategic long-term plan, taking the lead in launching the “robot strategy”.automationjourney.

To this end, Skyworth specially set up a special leading group, and set up a “automation equipmentIn this regard, Wang Dehui proudly said: “Skyworth has adopted the strategy of ‘the first, the easy and the difficult, and the combination of independent research and development and cooperative development’, which makes the The implementation of Skyworth’s strategy is very in line with the actual situation of the country and the enterprise itself, and it has been steadily promoted and implemented, and achieved relatively good results.”

For an assembly line, rhythm balance is a key factor in production efficiency, and the operation rhythm of each industry will affect the entire assembly line. Since Robots are usually non-standard equipment, they need to be customized and developed, and they need to be debugged and improved in actual production, which means that there must be a climbing time.

In this regard, Skyworth’s plan is to take the station as the smallest development unit, and apply one application at a time to minimize the impact of each station on the flow rhythm caused by the use of robots for replacement. Only when it is successfully applied will it lead to a line, and finally through promotion and replication, it will achieve full flowering.

In fact, the production process of color TV is complicated and the procedures are complicated, which is a typical discrete manufacturing. The so-called “one tree is difficult to support”, to complete such a huge robot transformation, Skyworth knows that its own capabilities are limited. On the one hand, Skyworth cooperates with excellent robot manufacturers to develop customized equipment with an open attitude of cooperation, and actively mobilizes social resources for robot transformation. On the other hand, Skyworth has also independently established a team to specialize in projects that are more difficult and small in areas of cooperation.

The reporter made a special trip to ask the staff at the workshop. She said that the “automatic screw-driving robot” is one of the typical cases of Skyworth’s independent research and development. In the end, Skyworth’s independent R&D team redesigned the project, and finally achieved success, taking the lead in the industry to apply the ‘screw locking robot’ in large quantities.”

“Robot strategy” knocks on the door of intelligent manufacturing

Online automatic locking screw robot

According to the introduction of the on-site staff, the equipment is mainly designed to realize automatic screwing of the back shell of the online TV. The use of each equipment can save about 2 workers, replace manual labor to realize automatic and intelligent production, reduce staff and increase efficiency, so that This effectively increases the share of robot operations in the manufacturing headquarters. In order to ensure the stability of the robot, Skyworth has optimized it. For example, the control system adopts Industrial computer instead of traditional PLC and single-chip microcomputer, and adopts high-quality air cylinders and air pressure valves.

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