Robot companies, profit is the last word

ChinarobotThe overall data of the industry seems to be prosperous, but to borrow a sentence from “Swallowing Lives”, “life and world events are generally like this, and they are not spectacular when they are close to it”, and it is also applicable to the robotics industry.

As the “Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown”, the R&D, manufacturing and application of Robots have become an important symbol for measuring the level of a country’s technological innovation and high-end manufacturing. In 2021, the revenue of my country’s robot industry will exceed 130 billion yuan,Industrial robotThe output reached 366,000 units, an increase of 10 times compared with 2015. The application of Industrial robots has covered 60 major industries and 168 industries in the national economy. The density of robots in my country’s manufacturing industry has reached 322 units/10,000 people, an increase of 13% over 2012. times.service robotwaiting for education,medicallogistics and other fields have shown their talents, and constantly bred new industries, new models, and new formats.

Behind the data, there are many old-fashioned issues. For example, my country’s robot output and installation volume ranks among the top in the world, but the overall volume is large but not strong; some key technologies have obvious shortcomings and are at risk of being “stuck in the neck”; for example, in the reducer, The domestic production rate of the three core components of servo system and controller is less than 30%, and mid-to-high-end products rely on imports, and a complete industrial chain has not yet been formed… These are aspects recognized by the industry and gradually progressing.

Robot companies, profit is the last word

Robots driven by the benefits of all parties seem to be making great progress in the torrent of the times, falling on everyone’s heads, it may be a wave or a mountain.

Since ancient times, the more frenetic something is, the more vigilant it is, and robots are no exception.

Stimulated by demand, fanaticism is inevitable, but to maintain fanaticism, profit must be made, and the funds brought by profit can revitalize a company. However, there are some gaps between profits and funds.

The robot market has broad prospects, and the practical benefits brought by it are self-evident. Words such as “market cake” and “seize the opportunity” are enough to show the practitioners’ judgment on its development, how to “grab” and how to “divide”, which has become the current robot market. Subdivision industries have staged a good show.

How do emerging companies seize the market? First of all, we must rely on capital and policy support to gain a foothold, and then what?

In recent years, my country’s Robot Industry market has expanded in recent years, and new companies have emerged, including subsidiaries of large companies and rookies supported by venture capital funds. “Parts + domestic assembly” and other models, “entering” the industry, this is indeed a reasonable model for the development of startups, but the key question is, then?

Many corporate news often focus on financing as one of the key propaganda directions. It seems that the support of capital means strength. With capital, companies can be the body, components, and solutions, and take on the key links of an industrial chain. The industry is thriving. However, on the application side, the leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry still maintain a large demand for foreign brands, and the infinite expansion of domestic robot enterprises is difficult to break into practical applications, and finally created “false fire and bubbles.” Let the capital rush forward, The robot industry can only expand disorderly in low-end production capacity, and even bring unfavorable factors such as price wars, causing the industry to miss development opportunities.

Compared with the arduous pioneering work of “ruining the road and the blue thread, and opening up the mountains and forests”, the injection of capital seems to have greater power. In this case, the company should maintain its original intention, make products steadfastly, and absorb funds. The way of listing the gong is not suitable. In the “young” robotics industry, for an emerging industry that has not yet developed, it is more important to concentrate on making products than anything else. Putting the cart before the horse must be a red flag.

Like the development of any industry market, there is no shortcut to the development of the robot industry, and it cannot be rushed. For local governments, they should curb the impulse to invest, strengthen their own development strategies, and be wary of the heat of planning and investment; for enterprises, they must calm down, endure loneliness, find the right direction for industrial R&D, technical research, and have their own. the right to speak.

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