Precision surgical diagnosis and treatment: NCIC provides embedded products for ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera systems

In recent years, the development of science and technology and social progress have promoted the precise development of medical means, which represents the modern surgical paradigm of “precision surgery”, which directly drives the demand for advanced equipment such as ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera systems.

Precision diagnosis and treatment is an inevitable trend in the development of medical technology

The essence of precise diagnosis and treatment is to integrate and apply modern technology on the basis of traditional medical methods, to more scientifically, efficiently and safely recognize human body functions and the nature of diseases, and to obtain a new medical service paradigm that maximizes health benefits for individuals and society, which is conducive to further Improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. As an important practice area of ​​precision diagnosis and treatment, the development of precision diagnosis and treatment in surgery has risen rapidly. Relying on precise and intelligent imaging detection equipment, surgical Robots, etc. to expand the capabilities of doctors’ “eyes” and “hands”, it promotes the progress and development of precision medicine.

Taking the ultra-high-definition endoscope camera system equipment as an example, the equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the endoscope system, the lighting system and the image Display system. The individual images are collected through the endoscope system, and then the image Display system inputs the images into the computer and image The processor unit performs operations such as digital processing, real-time display and storage, assisting doctors to better diagnose the cause and issue more detailed inspection reports. It has the characteristics of accuracy and convenience, and is undoubtedly an excellent help to promote the development of precision surgical diagnosis and treatment. .

However, the precise image data acquisition, processing and visual display of the device requires high performance requirements for core computer hardware, and products with higher computing power, image processing capabilities, scalability and stability must provide the basis for it. support. For example, the industry-specific embedded computer specially created by North China Industrial Control for the field of medical imaging.

NCIC’s product solutions in the field of medical imaging

North China Industrial Control is an industry-specific embedded computer product provider. For the continuous development and application of embedded computer products in smart medical care, it has created embedded computer product solutions that support ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera systems and other medical imaging equipment.

Precision surgical diagnosis and treatment: NCIC provides embedded products for ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera systems

Figure: NCIC Embedded Computer Product Solution

NCIC can provide the production customization of embedded motherboards, embedded barebones/complete machines, and industrial tablet PCs required for the application of ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera system equipment. The technical advantages that the product can achieve are as follows:

  • Meet customer’s personalized application needs

From computer hardware to operating systems, product drivers, security software, whether it is single-board development or production customization of the whole system, NCIC can provide customers with highly flexible and customized products and services.

  • Realize powerful CPU/GPU computing power design

The product supports Intel, AMD, NXP, Rockchip, HiSilicon, Haiguang, Feiteng, Zhaoxin, Loongson and other platform processors, and supports customers to use different chipset platforms for differentiated function expansion according to actual application needs.

  • With high reliability and high stability

The product is built in strict accordance with industrial-grade standards, supports watchdog function, supports stable operation under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environment, and meets the application needs of high reliability and high stability of computer hardware in the medical field.

At present, the embedded computer products created by NCIC for the smart medical field have realized the application of medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis, surgical robots and other sub-fields, and accumulated rich experience in product development and production.

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