Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the price of cars has gradually become affordable to the people, and they have entered thousands of households. What grows together with it is the problem of “parking difficulty” that is frequently reported in the newspapers: there are factors such as the absolute shortage of parking spaces, unreasonable design of parking lots and parking spaces, and low efficiency of entering and exiting parking garages caused by unfamiliar drivers And other factors. In order to alleviate the parking pressure, various types of mechanical, automated and intelligent parking garages have emerged as the times require, and have gradually entered major residential areas and commercial outlets with dense traffic.

Today we will talk about a new way of parking, parking AGV, also called smart parking mobilerobot.

Compared with other parking methods, what are the advantages of parking AGV?

1. Flexibility. Parking AGV is different from other parking systems (including RGV), which can realize more posture and path choices, reduce the installation of tracks and cables, and have higher adaptability to different sites. The parking AGV has light and flexible mobility, and can perform personalized scheduling according to parking space requirements and vehicle distribution to further optimize the parking layout. However, parking methods such as traditional three-dimensional garages are limited by fixed structures, and cannot make timely adjustments to changes in the number and types of vehicles, resulting in increased parking difficulty. In addition, the parking AGV can also perform real-time monitoring and management through the cloud intelligent system, effectively reducing manual intervention, thereby achieving more efficient and faster parking services.

2. High utilization rate of storage space, 40% higher than traditional manual parking. Compared with traditional manual parking, the utilization rate of storage space is increased by 40%. The double steering wheel body design realizes omnidirectional posture movement, improves the space utilization rate of the site, and thus increases more storage spaces.

3. High stability and accuracy of the system.Reduced manual involvement, utilizing hardware (safetysensor) and software (Kolmorgen Vehicle Scheduling Software) to achieve system operation with high safety, high reliability and low failure rate. If necessary, the parking AGV can be accurately matched according to the size, shape and weight of the vehicle, thereby realizing efficient automatic parking. However, traditional three-dimensional garages and other parking methods need to reserve fixed parking spaces, which cannot make full use of the parking lot space, resulting in waste of resources. In addition, since the parking AGV can achieve precise control during the parking process, the parking is safer and more reliable, and there will be no situations such as negligent operation, thereby protecting the safety of the vehicle.

4. Energy saving and emission reduction, noise reduction. Parking AGV also has the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, and low noise. Parking methods such as traditional three-dimensional garages require the use of mechanical equipment for operation, so there is a high risk of carbon emissions and noise pollution. The parking AGV uses electric drive and intelligent control technology, which can not only consume less energy, but also effectively reduce environmental noise.

The past and present of parking AGV

The development of parking AGV has gone through four generations, and each generation has its own characteristics and advantages.

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

How does Kollmorgen NDC empower parking AGV enterprises?

Kollmorgen joins hands with partners to build intelligent parking plants for famous scenic spots. Limited by the small size of the parking garage, the heterogeneity and complexity of the terrain, the traditional parking method obviously cannot efficiently plan the parking space. The AGV parking robot can skillfully solve two major problems in the parking equipment industry: small special-shaped plots and large flat plots.

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Based on the high level of integration and intelligence of the Kollmorgen NDC system, it can bring more possibilities in the design of the project. Partners can focus on upper-layer application design to make the design more humanized. The traditional parking lot can be transformed by intelligent AGV, which can increase the parking space by 40%.

Parking is right, Kollmorgen helps you get through the last mile of “smart driving”

Advantages of Kollmorgen NDC in the field of parking AGV

Kollmorgen’s NDC solution is a mature automation solution that has been proven in the market for many years. In the field of parking AGVs, the adoption of Kollmorgen’s NDC solution can bring the following advantages:

1. Save time and effort. Enterprises no longer need to spend a lot of time and manpower on independent research and development of algorithms, but directly use the mature Kollmorgen NDC solution for design, production and debugging, so that parking AGV products can be promoted and put into the market faster.

2. Stable and reliable. Kollmorgen’s NDC solution has a strict testing and verification process, which can fully guarantee the stability and reliability of the parking AGV, reduce the failure rate, and improve operating efficiency.

3. Good compatibility. Kollmorgen’s NDC solution has flexible compatibility and can be integrated with different brands and types of equipment and software, thus making the operation of the entire parking system easier and more convenient.

4. Higher security. Kollmorgen’s NDC solution adopts multiple safety protection mechanisms, such as 360° environment perception, obstacle detection and emergency braking, etc., which can effectively guarantee the safe operation of the parking AGV.

In summary, the use of Kollmorgen’s NDC solution can help parking AGV companies reduce R&D costs and risks, speed up product promotion and market application, and improve the stability, reliability and safety of the entire system.

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