Not the Metaverse, what is the coolest technological breakthrough in Dr. Duran’s mind?

In China in 2021, artificial intelligence, as the core driving force of a new round of technological revolution, is profoundly affecting everyone’s life. Recently, Dr. Du Lan, senior vice president of iFLYTEK, said in an exclusive interview that she hopes that the development of technology will allow human beings to have more time and energy for in-depth communication in the presence of the body.

At the same time, Dr. Duran also discussed hot topics of science and technology that everyone is generally concerned about, such as the most “cow” technological breakthroughs in the Year of the Ox, the development trend of artificial intelligence market, the overcoming of core voice technology,robotScenesapplicationartificial intelligence talent selection, and the core competitiveness of China’s digital economy, etc., respectively gave answers.

  What is the most “bull” technology news or technological breakthrough in the Year of the Ox?

  Dr. Duran:I think DeepMind cracked the protein structure. Using artificial intelligence methods to successfully predict the structure of new proteins, I think artificial intelligence has made some basic theoretical breakthroughs in life sciences, so everyone has infinite expectations for artificial intelligence in the future.

  From the perspective of your professional field, especially iFLYTEK’s education and medical care, smart city, etc., what is the most outstanding breakthrough?

  Dr. Duran:In 2021, iFLYTEK’s open platform has achieved rapid development, and 2.83 million entrepreneurial teams have gathered on it, indicating that artificial intelligence has been applied on a large scale.2021Among the applications developed by the newly added 1.08 million development teams, 60% are related to the Industrial field, allowing more people to enjoy the “bonus” of artificial intelligence.

  2021What is the state of competition among Chinese tech companies?

  Dr. Duran:2021One of the most notable features of China’s technology circle is that more companies believe that it is difficult to complete the historical mission by relying on the technology of one or two companies, and that they must use more strength, or even gather together to warm up, in order to solve some problems systematically.

  Many people say that iFLYTEK is a platform-based company that builds national infrastructure. Will iFlytek have such a positioning?

  Dr. Duran:In the current environment of competition and cooperation, iFLYTEK has an outlook for the next year and the year after. iFLYTEK emphasizes the integration of production, education and research, and also emphasizes the combination of software and hardware. It is hoped that the core technology can be truly combined with the scene, so that everyone can enjoy the various conveniences of artificial intelligence.

  With the voice, many people speak Chinese will become a language that surpasses English. Will iFLYTEK focus more on voice technology?

  Dr. Duran:iFLYTEK is now developing a new language translation, which may take more than 100 hours, but it used to take 10,000 hours. We very much hope that more people can pay attention to these fields, and they can also settle down and make breakthroughs in these core technologies.

  Many artificial intelligence synthesized voices, why do I hear female voices? How do you want Robots to communicate with people?

  Dr. Duran:The female voice is a very good experience because the female voice is more accessible, and the female voice is more relevant. At present, robots still carry out some dialogues and interactions within a limited framework. If you want to truly have a collision of souls and in-depth communication, you still need personal communication and face-to-face communication between people. I hope that the appearance of machines or the development of technology will not make the relationship between people indifferent, but that people will have more time and energy to have some in-depth contacts and exchanges.

  Many countries regard artificial intelligence as a very important national infrastructure and technology development, and it has risen to the national strategic level. How do you understand the dynamics of this global competition? What is the position of artificial intelligence in the strategic importance of our country?

  Dr. Duran:The position of artificial intelligence is a bit like a bee collecting nectar. The value of the bee to agriculture is not how much honey it produces, but how much it facilitates pollination between crops. Artificial intelligence is the same, with very strong spillover effects. iFLYTEK hopes to see some value brought by artificial intelligence in various industries. For example, in the field of education, iFLYTEK was the first smart education product launched in 2015; in the field of medical care, the medical examination robot passed the written test of the comprehensive test of national occupational doctors, and obtained very good results, empowering doctors. In the industrial field and agricultural field, it is all realized by artificial intelligence.

  What do you think is the weight of artificial intelligence in the “14th Five-Year Plan” outline?

Dr. Duran:From digital industrialization to industrial digitalization, it shows that China’s digital economy has entered a deep-water area. The success or failure of industrial digitalization determines whether traditional enterprises can successfully transform.The core of determining the success or failure of industrial digitalization is whether it canAdhere to the innovation of core source technology.As an enabling technology, artificial intelligence can promote the actual integration of technology and industry, and is an innovation engine for industrial development.

  In the age of artificial intelligence, who will you choose?

  Dr. Duran:In the field of talents, I think artificial intelligence needs talents who are “the eight immortals crossing the sea and showing their magical powers”. The right to evaluate talents should be innovative, pay attention to the development of entrepreneurs, and let entrepreneurs drive the development of the entire society and industry.

  How to tell the story of China’s scientific and technological development?

  Dr. Duran:I hope to talk more about the temperature of Chinese technology. For example, the northward migration of Asian elephants has attracted active reports and attention from many media around the world. I think that including the local government’s use of drones and satellite communications to help elephants move northward, not only shows the beauty of China’s natural mountains and rivers, but also shows the simple love of the local people, and more importantly, it also shows the world. The changes in China have seen the rise of China’s scientific and technological power.

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