New Era Industrial Accelerator Epson Robot Makes Automation Easier

New Era Industrial Accelerator Epson Robot Makes Automation Easier


Epson N seriesrobot
Epson has a history of more than 30 years in the field of robotics. Even in the face of increasing market demand, Epson Robots continues to innovate and maintain industry advantages. Based on its own low-cost, small and precise technical characteristics, it combines robot technology with Epson’s technical advantages in other fields, and continuously introduces compact, energy-saving and high-precision robot products. Epson uses its own products and services to satisfy users’ pursuit of production efficiency.
N series humanized design makes user maintenance easier. In August 2016, Epson released a new product N series robot, which fully considers the advantages of manpower and improves it. Through the original arm * structure, you can change the posture without extending the elbow, and flexibly avoid the surroundings. interference, and the equipment structure is more compact, which effectively solves the traditionalautomationThe solution to the problem of taking up more workspace than a human performing the same task satisfies manufacturers’ desire for robots that can fit into tight spaces.
Technology leading Epson industry leader

Faced with the gradual rise of the robot market, Epson Robot has the unique advantages of crystal components and semiconductors, and realizes high-precision sensing technology, which can accurately sense the force, torque and direction of the sensor, and use this technology to greatly reduce the robot’s work. Vibration for improved accuracy and speed.The robot is equipped with the “detection, imitation, fitting, pressing” function that can freely adjust the force, insertingConnectorCombined with object and hand detection that cannot be seen by the camera, it changes the tasks that robots need to rely on human perception in the past.
Cross-border link integration leading industry automation solutions since 1981 EpsonindustrySince the birth of robots, Epson Industrial Robots has become an important player in the robotics industry from the beginning to meet the needs of internal automation, and has quickly been recognized by many high-level manufacturing plants around the world. In today’s environment, Epson will connect the cyberspace with the real world, and will make breakthroughs and innovations in the four major areas of printing, visual communication, wearable devices and robots. (Zheng Xiaojun)

(Original title: New Era Industrial Accelerator Epson Robot Makes Automation Easier)

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