New Breakthrough: World Premiere of 5G Modular Robot

New Breakthrough: World Premiere of 5G Modular Robot2019 is called the first year of 5G. At the ongoing 2019 World Digital Economy Conference and the 9th China Smart City and Smart Economy Expo, China Mobile Zhejiang Company released the world’s first integrated 5G communication model in Ningbo and Zhejiang Zhichang robot Group. The group of Robots brings revolutionary changes to the application of intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, digital enterprises, future factories and other Industrial scenarios.
New Breakthrough: World Premiere of 5G Modular Robot
Integrated 5G communication module robot

It is reported that Zhejiang Zhichang Robot Group is a professional service provider with intelligent manufacturing technology as the core founded by Dr. Gan Zhongxue, one of the first batch of special experts of the “Thousand Talents Program” of the country. It has always been committed to developing robot products with independent intellectual property rights. With the rapid development of information technology, the characteristics of 5G “ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-large connection” are very suitable for the needs of a new generation of robots. As the largest telecom operator in the city, Ningbo Mobile has created a batch of 5G application innovations that are at the forefront of the country. This time, Ningbo Mobile actively cooperated with Zhejiang Zhichang Robot Group, and took the lead in jointly completing the 5G module access of advanced manufacturing products such as arc welding robots, which is another major innovation in the field of 5G+ intelligent manufacturing.

In the China Mobile exhibition hall, the reporter saw the world’s first 5G module robot – 5G arc welding robot. I saw that the cloud platform continued to issue operating instructions. In the 5G network environment, the robot arm of the 5G arc welding robot rotated rapidly and performed synchronous operations according to the instructions. At the same time, the 3D robot arm model displayed on the large screen also began to rotate rapidly synchronously.

It is reported that the advanced robot controller system based on 5G technology developed by Ningbo Mobile and Zhejiang Zhichang Robot Group directly interacts and manages various important control parameters in the robot controller with the cloud platform through the 5G network MBB or URLLC, so as to realize the robot Synchronous operations across regions; based on low-latency, high-speed 5G modules, to achieve synchronous data interaction between robot motion and state parameters; through GPS timing system to meet network time tag business needs; through blockchain and data security technology to ensure data security .

According to Wang Weimin, an expert in Ningbo mobile technology, this robot with integrated 5G communication module not only has a higher data transmission rate than ordinary robots running in a 4G and Wi-Fi network environment, but also has a speed of 50MB/s per second. Tens of thousands of instructions interact, and the low latency of 24ms ensures the accuracy of robot operation and real-time synchronization. The 5G module robot can realize real-time access to the 5G network, ready to perform tasks at any time, and upload status information to the platform in real time for interaction.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the world’s first 5G module robot will be widely used in industrial control, logistics, industrial AR, flexible manufacturing and other fields. 5G+ industrial control robots can realize unprecedented interaction and coordination with various production equipment, 5G+ logistics tracking robots can realize unmanned distribution from warehouse management to logistics, and industrial AR-5G robots can be used to monitor processes and production processes, and realize production tasks. Following the guidelines, 5G+ flexible manufacturing robots will have stronger self-organization and collaboration capabilities.

In the future, the two parties will further carry out cooperative applications in a wider range of scenarios and products, applying various types of 5G robots and intelligent 5G products to remote fault diagnosis of robots, remote preventive maintenance of robots, remote manual control operations of robots, and cross-regional group robots. Synchronized operation, robot online teaching and training, robot artificial intelligence cloud service, machine vision multi-point synchronous feedback and other scenarios and fields.

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