my country’s new world-leading new industry! – Quadruped robot

In sci-fi movies and novels, there are often Robots with eye-catching performances. Their versatile abilities and almost omnipotent applications in various scenarios make people fascinated. For example, Asimov’s novel “I, robot” series describes many wonderful scenes: robots can be seen in all areas of human society.

In fact, there are all kinds of robots in our lives, which are changing our lives, similar to flying robots represented by DJI. Now another category of robots has broken through the limitations of the ivory tower and appeared in our lives. It is a quadruped robot. For a long time, this category of robots has been restricted by foreign algorithms and research, which is far from ours.

But fortunately, a domestic company broke through overseas restrictions and took the lead in bringing out more advanced robot technology. He is Hangzhou Yushu Technology Co., Ltd. located in Hangzhou.

my country’s new world-leading new industry! – Quadruped robot

At present, overseas entrants in the field of quadruped robots mainly include Boston Dynamics in the United States and ETH Zurich in Switzerland. In the field of domestic quadruped robots, Yushu Technology is in the leading position.

Up to now, Yushu Technology, which focuses on the research and development of consumer-level and industry-level high-performance quadruped robots, has launched Go1, Aliengo, A1, Laikago and other quadruped robot products. In a head-to-head confrontation with Boston Dynamics’ products, Yushu Technology’s quadruped robot has a lot of outstanding performance. Even when reviewing the development history of quadruped robots, Unitree Technology has developed motor-driven quadruped robots faster than Boston Dynamics, which is particularly amazing.

The characteristic of quadruped robot is that it can automatically change shape according to different conditions. It has better balance, flexibility, and adaptability. It can walk on complex roads and complete various complex actions such as running, climbing stairs, moving forward, backward, and sideways. The various features and advantages it possesses make quadruped robots a new favorite in the market.

my country’s new world-leading new industry! – Quadruped robot

From the perspective of development trends, the focus of competition for quadruped robots lies in who can take the lead in landing applications on rich mobile platforms. With the continuous enrichment of quadruped robot application scenarios, only by creating a more in-depth industry and more detailed mobile platform application, can this category achieve sustainable growth, and quadruped robots can create more possibilities. For example, in addition to family and life scenes, medical treatment, material transportation, Industrial consumption, environmental exploration, resource collection, etc. can all become the places where quadruped robots come in handy.

Rich applications on mobile platforms: Just like with a Robotic arm, the shape of a quadruped robot can be “ever-changing”, adapting to more scenarios and bringing a wealth of applications. For example, in a family scene, a quadruped robot can use a robotic arm to “do housework”. Through automatic detection and identification, it picks up the clothes dropped at home and puts them in the back clothes basket. Two quadruped robots use their robotic arms to swing the rope, making our jump rope more comfortable with our friends. You can even dig the soil and plant flowers.

In addition, the quadruped robot can open the door handle through the mechanical arm, so that it can have a greater range of motion in the home. In industrial scenarios, quadruped robots can control switches and valves through robotic arms, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency. The importance of cultivating mobile platform landing applications can be seen from this.

Social and political scientist Karl Deutsch once said, “The only greatest force in the world today is the force of change.” Quadruped robots are one of the forces of change that cannot be ignored. The research and development, innovation and construction of rich landing applications of quadruped robots require not only a strong technical accumulation, but also a high degree of concentration. Those companies that are only involved in the field of quadruped robots out of the psychology of playing tickets are destined to be short-lived.

For a long time, our country has been catching up with other countries in various advanced fields. In the new field of robotics, we are fortunate to have robotics companies such as DJI and Yushu Technology, which are actively deploying. Carrying out the reform in a down-to-earth manner, many explorers have opened a new era of innovation and creation for a win-win situation. Let us look forward to the emergence of more domestic companies like DJI and Yushu Technology, and move towards the future with an unstoppable trend.

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