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AsiaIndustrial NetNews: The 13th Dongguan Primary and Middle School ComputerrobotThe competition was held at Dongguan Foreign Language School. This competition was sponsored by Dongguan Education Bureau and jointly organized by Dongguan Youth Activity Center, Dongguan Foreign Language School and other units. A total of 941 contestants from 386 teams from 128 schools in the city (including 82 primary schools, 37 junior high schools, and 9 high schools) participated in 11 projects such as robot DIY, IoT robot relay competition, and “campus football” training camp competition. In the competition, the winning team will be selected to participate in the 15th Guangdong Provincial Primary and Secondary School Computer Robot Competition sponsored by the Provincial Department of Education.

The number of items in this competition has increased from 9 last year to 11. In addition to the original items, smart garbage sorting and “campus football” training camp competition items have been added. Among them, the DIY robot project, an original feature project in Dongguan, is the most popular, attracting 291 contestants from 97 teams from 62 schools in the city, accounting for 1/3 of the contestants. Tian Dezhen, deputy director of the Department of Science and Sports Activities of Dongguan Youth Activity Center and deputy head of the event team, introduced that the robot DIY project requires players to start from scratch, welding, assembling, programming, testing, and completing tasks on the spot. The competition is very fierce, and it is necessary to use The two methods of virtual and physical construction and the corresponding different coding methods have a good effect on promoting teaching and training students’ hands-on ability.

With the rapid development of science and technology, technology is increasingly integrated into life, and the setting of competition projects is constantly reformed and innovated, keeping up with the pace of the times. Projects such as “Friends of Animals” and “Extreme Transition” are innovative moves of this competition. The registration and results announcement of this event are also completely different from the previous ones. The method of on-site scanning of WeChat and two microcodes to dynamically announce the results makes the event more lively and interesting.

Gao Xingyuan, director of the Department of Science and Sports Activities of Dongguan Youth Activity Center and leader of the competition team, said that since the first competition was held in 2004, it has gone through a stage of starting and wandering. With the rise of artificial intelligence trends and the in-depth advancement of education reform, The competition has entered a stage of rapid growth. The number of participants in this competition has reached a thousand and there are over a hundred schools, all of which have reached new highs. The scale of the competition has increased year by year, witnessing the vigorous development of robotics education activities in primary and secondary schools in Dongguan, and demonstrating the charm of robotics activities.

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