Monthly inventory | November 2022 summary of investment and financing in the field of artificial intelligence

Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology have become increasingly mature, and the application fields have also continued to expand. It can be imagined that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the “container” of human wisdom. Next, let us take a look at the investment and financing situation in the field of artificial intelligence in November 2022!

Everbright Laser

Everbright Laser completed hundreds of millions of yuan in financing, and this round of financing was completed by the Pingxiang Municipal Government Fund in Jiangxi Province.

Everbright Laser is a laser equipment and automation equipment company, dedicated to the research and development, design, production, sales and technical services of automation equipment based on laser applications, providing system solutions for new energy and consumer electronics industries. Among them, laser equipment includes laser marking, welding and cutting equipment; automation equipment includes lithium battery and consumer electronics automation equipment.

Youji software

Youji Software completed the A-round financing of 250 million yuan. Sequoia China and Dachen Caizhi led the investment, and Shangqi Capital and Qiancheng Zheling Capital, a subsidiary of SAIC Financial Holdings, followed up.

Youji Software focuses on providing industrialized digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing innovation service solutions as well as supporting application technology and implementation services for high-end R&D and manufacturing enterprises. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise and software enterprise. Provide customers with overall solutions for digital enterprises, intelligent manufacturing and digital workshop management based on industry segmentation, helping enterprises control digital innovation and accelerate the transformation of new kinetic energy.

Yixuetang Intelligence

Yixuetang Smart completed tens of millions of Pre-A round of financing.

Yixuetang Intelligence is an intelligent teaching platform developer, creating “smart education based on digital intelligence brain”AI-SaaS cloud platform” provides schools with tool-based, scenario-based, and full-link smart education services around the six educational links of learning, teaching, research, creation, evaluation, and management.

Qingyuan Kaiwu

Qingyuan Kaiwu completed the Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan exclusively invested by Yuanhui Chuangyi.

Qingyuan Kaiwu is a medical automation equipment developer. The company aims at the high customization, integration, automation and intelligence needs that have not been met in the life science, biomedicine and clinical diagnosis markets. With the multi-dimensional liquid control system as the core, the company builds The flexible building block technology system develops two-wing product layout: automated intelligent laboratory equipment and high-end life science equipment, focusing on Industrial application scenarios such as sequencing, mass spectrometry, synthetic biology and drug research and development.

kangaroo cloud

Kangaroo Cloud has completed the C+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan. This round of financing is invested by Yuanxing Yuhan Fund, Guozhong Capital, and Shenzhen Venture Capital.

Kangaroo Cloud is a leading digital infrastructure provider in China. The company uses self-developed technology products such as big data, cloud native, and digital twins to effectively support the digital construction needs of enterprise data platforms, data visualization, and data-based operation and maintenance.

Bright Machines is an American developer of robot drive software. Bright Machines offers a software-driven approach to Robots by which otherwise clumsy robots will be able to handle more automated tasks.

Qingmei Electric

Qingmei Electric received tens of millions of investment from Shenzhen Venture Capital.

Qingmei Electric is a manufacturer of smart dishwashers. It mainly develops, produces and sells smart dishwashers independently, and gradually expands to the European and American markets and develops overseas business. At present, it has built its own smart manufacturing factory.

Hexagonal cloud

Liufangyun completed the C+ round of financing of 200 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Beijing Venture Capital, followed by Dehou Investment.

Liufangyun is a “new security” company. Under the background of the “new era” where new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data are widely used, Liufangyun promotes “new security” with its cutting-edge technical capabilities and industry awareness. development of.


Qingta has completed the A-round financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor is 51job.

Qingta is a data technology company that focuses on continuous mining and in-depth analysis of industry data. Data products have been widely used in colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, hospitals, governments and scientific research institutes.

Qixin Yiwei

Qixin Yiwei completed a new round of RMB 100 million financing. This round of financing was led by Huakong Fund, followed by Weiling Times, Xiamen Supu, and Tsinghua Alumni Fund.

Qixin Yiwei is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the field of machine vision and artificial intelligence, focusing on the research and development and innovation of eye tracking technology, aiming to upgrade and optimize the human-computer interaction experience of all terminal devices. Eye tracking technology is widely used in smart medical care, VR/AR, smart phones, advertising media, smart cars, robots, aerospace and other fields.

Jiangxing Intelligent

Jiangxing Intelligent has completed the Pre-B round of financing of 150 million yuan, jointly invested by Mount Everest Capital, Lenovo Venture Capital, Zhuoyuan Capital, Guangyue Capital and other institutions.

Jiangxing Intelligent is an edge computing technology and service provider. The company uses edge computing technology and experience to provide artificial intelligence internet of Things solutions and products – through the management of massive Internet of Things devices and data, accurate prediction and mining, to help enterprises Improve efficiency, reduce risks, and obtain greater business value.

Extreme Medical

Jizhi Medical has completed tens of millions of A-round financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by China Emerging Assets and Main Road Group.

Jizhi Medical is a research and development company of rehabilitation medical robots. It is mainly engaged in the development, production and operation of modern rehabilitation medical equipment and other related businesses. It starts from rehabilitation assessment and combines computer network technology, virtual reality technology and rehabilitation medicine. The main products are Jizhi Cognitive rehabilitation training instrument, based on the related theories of neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine, integrates cognitive impairment assessment, rehabilitation training and rehabilitation education, and provides users with inspection, diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment services for cognitive impairment patients.

Zhixiang Optoelectronics

Zhixiang Optoelectronics completed the C round of financing of over 100 million yuan. This round was led by Anxin Investment, and the old shareholder Zhongding Capital made additional investment.

Zhixiang Optoelectronics is a hard technology company focusing on the research and development and production of high-precision structured light 3D cameras and vision system solutions. It develops the core hardware technology of structured light 3D imaging modules and 3D artificial intelligence algorithms to create an international brand of high-precision 3D imaging.

Yijia Convenience

Yijia Convenience has obtained tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing.

Yijia Convenience is an AI intelligent unmanned container developer, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of AI intelligent software and hardware, adopting the comprehensive model of AI new retail + unattended, using the Internet of Things and cloud technology to create The “Thousands of Cities, Thousands of Cabinets” plan helps China’s retail industry enter the 3.0 era.

Boyin Hearing

Boyin Hearing has completed tens of millions of Pre-A round of financing, and this round of financing comes from Su Gaoxin Venture Capital.

Boyin Hearing is a research and development manufacturer of intelligent hearing aids. The company integrates design, development, production and sales, and focuses on the development of “AI intelligent hearing aids + hearing expert centers” to provide hearing solutions for the majority of hearing-impaired people.

Liangdao Smart

Liangdao Smart completed the B round of financing exceeding RMB 100 million. This round of financing was led by Langmafeng Venture Capital, followed by Binfu Capital, and the old shareholder SDIC China Merchants continued to invest.

Liangdao Intelligent is a provider of mass production solutions for autonomous driving based on lidar. The company focuses on the development of autonomous driving perception functions based on lidar sensors, multi-sensor fusion technology, new autonomous driving test verification, and data product development based on big data of autonomous driving scenarios.

Oxygen Intelligence

Oxygen Intelligence received tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing.

Oxywang Intelligence is an AI artificial intelligence research and development provider, dedicated to building artificial intelligence application software systems, and integrating AI intelligent technology, 5G technology, and big data technology to provide solutions for the digital transformation of enterprises and merchants in various industries.

Azowo is a mobility cloud provider driving the transition to electric vehicles and connected transportation by combining real-time vehicle data and highly modular software solutions. The company’s platform enables major automotive OEMs to directly connect to more than 100 mobility service APIs. This allows shared, connected, electric and autonomous business processes to be more efficient and sustainable in industries such as real estate, aerospace, public sector, construction, energy, financial services and manufacturing.

Xingfan Technology

Xingfan Technology has completed an angel round of financing of nearly 10 million RMB, jointly invested by Xin Ruien Capital and individual investors.

Starfan Technology is a metaverse basic digital platform, relying on the self-developed metaverse engine, using big data, blockchain, AIGC and other technologies, committed to building the basic digital facilities of the metaverse in the Web3.0 era, and empowering the commercial metaverse And the urban metaverse, assisting the digital transformation and upgrading of governments and enterprises.


Mattel Voyage completed an angel round of financing of 20 million yuan, led by investment institutions such as Ruipeng Investment.

Mattel Navigation is a research and development company of underwater vehicles, mainly focusing on underwater robots, autonomous vehicles and marine engineering equipment. Its high-level scientific research work is especially useful in the technical fields of autonomous vehicles and underwater detection. By integrating rich local military production and processing resources, it transforms innovative scientific research technologies into practical products.

Bailian Smart

Bailian Intelligent completed the Pre-B round of financing exceeding 100 million yuan, jointly led by Mingyu Venture Capital and Guangyuan Investment, followed by Detong Capital, and the old shareholders Dongfang Jiafu and Yunqi Capital continued to increase their investment.

Bailian Intelligent is a B2B intelligent marketing company that provides data-driven, deeply cultivated B2B intelligent marketing SaaS products and digital solutions. It is committed to helping companies improve marketing from market insight to sales lead development, screening, contact, and transformation through AI technology. whole process efficiency.

Digital twin technology

Digital Twins Technology has completed the Pre-A round of financing of 10 million yuan, led by Kaola Fund, followed by Yuanhui.

Digital Twins Technology is a modeling and governance cloud platform developer, committed to providing Chinese enterprises with the implementation methodology and support tool system of digital overall design and continuous governance mechanism through a new generation of enterprise architecture governance platform. Mainly master the core technology of organizational modeling, and launched EMAGE, that is, the organizational modeling and governance cloud platform can cross different business and IT modeling standards to establish a model middle layer for the global information expression of the organization.

Xiaoice completes new financing totaling 1 billion yuan

Xiaoice, formerly known as the Microsoft artificial intelligence Xiaoice team, will be split into an independent technology research and development entity in 2020 to achieve complete localization. The XiaoIce framework is the most practical and complete AI Being basic framework in the world, covering 660 million online users, 1 billion third-party smart devices and 900 million content viewers in China, Japan, Indonesia and other countries, with commercial customers covering the world, including The penetration rate in the field of smart vehicles exceeds 60%, and the commercialization results in the field of AIGC have also been widely used in vertical fields such as finance, culture, textiles, and tourism.

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