Mobike AI leads the pack in bike sharing

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Shared bicycles are booming in cities, and have become the fourth urban means of transportation after cars, buses, and subways, providing great convenience for citizens’ short-distance travel such as commuting, leisure, and sightseeing.

Mobike AI leads the pack in bike sharing

On April 12, Mobike shared bicycles announced in Beijing that it has established the world’s first “Urban Mobility Open Research Institute” with 11 institutions, and is the first in the industry to launch a big data artificial intelligence platform – “Mofang”.

“The Rubik’s Cube” predicts the future to help the development of Mobike

Different from other shared bicycle platforms in the industry, every time Mobike enters a city, it will use the big data artificial intelligence platform to research and analyze the market size, travel habits, traffic conditions and crowd characteristics of the city.

Mobike AI leads the pack in bike sharing

With the help of the new artificial intelligence platform tool “Mobike”, Mobike can integrate multiple variables including time, weather, vehicle type, crowd, and region to accurately predict the riding status of shared bicycles at any time and place in the future. This will improve the operational efficiency of Mobike and bring consumers a safe, comfortable, efficient and convenient riding experience. In addition, cycling big data can provide a scientific basis for urban planning, provide intelligent scheduling for urban traffic, and promote the development of urban green transportation.

On April 12, Mobike shared bicycles, with the help of the big data artificial intelligence platform “Mobike”, has entered 50 cities around the world, put 3 million Mobike bicycles, and generated a total of 600 million rides.

Compared to the second player in the industry ofo, the small yellow car is still being processedmechanicalThe issue of lock upgrading has indeed taken the lead in the shared bicycle industry.

However, ofo’s upgrade of mechanical locks to smart locks is also catching up with the progress, but the landing of millions of ofo mechanical locks still requires the implementation of effective plans and policies.

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