MiR China exhibition hall opens, bringing creativity, innovation and sincerity to create local market

September 15th,global mobilerobotThe company MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) officially unveiled its China showroom in Shanghai and held a special technology exhibition to present a brand-new autonomous mobile robot to the outside world.

At the event, Zhang Yu, China Sales Director of MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots, and Liu Zhihao, China Technical Support Manager shared the business situation, key technologies and application development this year, and demonstrated solutions including MiR1350 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and MiR250 Hook towing hooks. solution, and the application of the MiRGo top module platform.

In the future, the exhibition hall will serve as MiR’s training and R&D base in China, providing communication space for cooperative customers, distributors, technical partners and scientific research institutions. MiR will also regularly launch application courses and theme seminars to strengthen interaction and promote The production line logistics automation process of type manufacturing enterprises.

MiR China exhibition hall opens, bringing creativity, innovation and sincerity to create local market

MiR China Showroom Technology Demonstration Space

Bringing strong products to the Chinese market

In the second quarter of this year, MiR achieved global sales of 17 million US dollars, an increase of 9% over last year, and the market momentum is strong. Recently, in response to the new needs of customers during the application process, the company has also released important software updates, including renewing the user interface to increase operational convenience, optimizing obstacle avoidance capabilities to improve operating efficiency, and improving new software security, bringing higher quality to users. experience.

In terms of products, MiR has launched MiR100, MiR250, MiR600, MiR1350 and other series of products in response to the current demand, which correspond to different load capacities and can basically cover the handling requirements of general industrial scenarios. Lots of landings.

In addition to the AMR ontology, MiR also continuously meets the specific needs of customers in diverse scenarios through targeted solutions such as the MiR250 Hook and the MiRGo top module platform.

MiR250 Hook is an AMR solution for autonomously hooking and releasing carts. It is a global patented innovation of MiR. It is mainly used for hooking, towing and unloading of various carts. It can drive smoothly and efficiently in a highly dynamic personnel environment. Suitable for industrial manufacturing, logistics warehousing, andMedical industryScenes.

MiR China exhibition hall opens, bringing creativity, innovation and sincerity to create local market

MiR250 Hook Towing Gripper Solution

MiRGo is a third-party top module supplier platform that brings together dozens of out-of-the-box solutions developed by partners, all of which have passed rigorous testing. Through this platform, customers can continuously extend the functions and application scenarios of AMR, allowing robots to perform more and more sophisticated tasks.

MiR China exhibition hall opens, bringing creativity, innovation and sincerity to create local market

MiRGo Third Party Top Module Supplier Platform

Since entering the Chinese market in 2017, MiR has successfully served many leading customers in the industry and has been widely recognized, helping them optimize the transportation process and realize the logistics automation within the factory. At the same time, with the deepening of production line logistics automation, MiR It is also constantly expanding the Chinese market to meet diverse new needs.

Giving value to customers with high competitiveness

Over the past few years, MiR has created a large number of successful cases in the Chinese market, bringing customers greater value beyond the product itself.through advancedsensorProfessional components and self-developed core algorithms, MiR’s AMR does not need to change the customer’s physical environment, and can be quickly deployed according to the project scenario, ensuring that customers can quickly put into operation and improve efficiency.

In order to give the robot fast and sensitive response ability, MiR AMR is equipped with dual laser scanners, which are located in the front and rear corners of the robot, which can achieve 360-degree full coverage, quickly perceive and predict the on-site environment, and do obstacle avoidance operations in advance. Prepare. When avoiding obstacles, MiR products can change the running angle in advance within a safe range, maintain the original running speed, and have higher efficiency and fluency.

In addition to obstacle avoidance, higher intelligence is also the value that MiR can bring. At the same time of handling, the visual equipment that comes with the body will detect the cross-sectional area of ​​the object, design a safer range, and be more suitable for the transportation of objects with different volumes or irregularities.

In addition, the assembly of its products is all completed in the headquarters in Denmark, the whole machine is imported domestically, and multiple warehouses are set up to respond to emergencies such as the epidemic and ensure timely delivery to customers.

Of course, the advantages of hardware require software blessing. The software of MiR AMR consists of three aspects. The first is the software of the AMR itself, which is used to control the actions of the robot, including automatic path planning, implementation of obstacle avoidance, personnel detection, switching of safety protection areas and many other functions. To control a single AMR, only a mobile phone can easily issue commands. Secondly, MiR’s fleet management software MiR Fleet can manage up to 100 AMRs to work together at the same time. More importantly, the robot’s software must be open. Through the MiRGo platform, MiR AMR software can be connected to many new communication software, including AMR data analysis software, safety monitoring software, etc., and can be connected to the customer’s existing ERP or WMS system.

From sensors to components, from hardware to software, MiR works from all angles to create competitive software and hardware products, and through deployment, it gives customers its competitiveness and delivers value to customers.

Deeply cultivate the market and face the future

With technological progress and labor shortages, autonomous mobile robots have become a common role in smart factories and are gradually being widely used in the industrial field. According to the data of the High-tech Robot Industry Research Institute (GGII), from 2021 to 2025, the average annual compound growth rate of China’s industrial mobile robot market will exceed 45%. By 2025, the scale of China’s industrial mobile robot market is expected to exceed 25 billion yuan.

With the development of “Dongfeng”, MiR has also further deepened its own layout. The establishment and opening of the China exhibition hall will become an important window for MiR to communicate with the industry. While displaying products, the exhibition hall will also undertake part of the technology sharing work. Assist various types of skills training, indirectly promote the improvement and transformation of local manufacturing talents, and effectively participate in and promote the process of intelligent manufacturing in China.

In addition to the offline special exhibition in the exhibition hall, MiR will also hold an online global industry summit from October 12th to 13th to further share its successful cases of AMR technology and share the best practices of production line logistics automation from different industries.

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