MiR Appoints New President, Continues Successful Strategy, Continues Global Growth

autonomous movementrobotGlobal ManufacturerMobile Industrial Robots(hereinafter: MiR) has appointed Jean-Pierre Hathout as Company President for a new term beginning May 1, 2023. Hathout is an experienced business leader, and current President Walter Vahey will remain as an advisor to the company until his retirement in 2024.

MiR Appoints New President, Continues Successful Strategy, Continues Global Growth

【Jean-Pierre Hathout, new president of MiR company】

Before that, Jean-Pierre Hathout was President of SIT Controls USA. Prior to joining SIT Controls USA, he worked for Bosch, Germany for 17 years in various global management positions. Jean-Pierre holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and brings deep technical expertise and global leadership to MiR, including operations management experience in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and China. He has successfully led the Bosch team to integrate several companies acquired by the group. “Jean-Pierre will be a great leader with both leadership and engineering prowess, as the company continues to grow toward a global leader in autonomous mobile robotics,” Vahey said.

long transition period

Having Vahey serve as an advisor to Hathout will ensure a smooth transfer of corporate expertise and a smooth leadership transition.

“I have been planning to retire for some time. We are delighted to have Jean-Pierre join MiR and trust him to lead the company to further growth,” said Vahey. “I will advise him from the start.”

Vahey, who takes over as MiR’s President in October 2022, has overseen and made key contributions to the company’s merger with AutoGuide Mobile Robots. Prior to that, he led MiR’s parent company, Teradyne, for 37 years.

New officials take office, strategy unchanged

Under Hathout’s leadership, MiR will remain on track to execute on its strategy. “I am grateful for the opportunity to join MiR, an innovative leader in autonomous mobile robotics. I will continue to adhere to MiR’s strategic growth goals, focusing on expanding the company’s product line and strengthening MiR’s relationship with customers around the world,” Hathout express.

Hathout currently resides with his family in Charlotte, North Carolina. After moving to Odense, Denmark, he will spend more than half his time working and living on-site at MiR’s headquarters and in Boston, MA, home of MiR’s parent company, Teradyne.

About Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops and manufactures industry-leading Autonomous Mobile Robots robot, referred to as: AMR). AMR technology automates intralogistics and optimizes material handling quickly, easily and cost-effectively.At present, there are many companies in the world from manufacturing, logistics andthe medicalCustomers in the health field have introduced MiR’s industry-leading AMR products, and the scale of these enterprises and institutions covers large groups and small and medium-sized institutions. Founded in Denmark in 2013, MiR has grown to become a global market leader in mobile robotics with nearly 220 distributors and certified system integrators in 60 countries. In 2018, MiR was acquired by Teradyne, a world-renowned automatic test equipment supplier, and merged with Teradyne’s AutoGuide Mobile Robots in 2022. After the merger, MiR’s products can widely cover the needs of various loads . MiR is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, with regional offices in Holbrook, NY; San Diego, CA; North Reading, MA; Georgetown, KY; Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.

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