KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

From March 20th to 23rd, American time, ProMAT 2023 was grandly held at the McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago. KUKA AMR’s new AMR products and solutions were unveiled at the industry’s authoritative exhibition, pressing the start button to officially enter the US market.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

As the largest authoritative exhibition of material handling, logistics equipment, systems and technologies in the United States, ProMAT logistics exhibition influences North and South America and even Europe, attracting thousands of well-known companies from many countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition. At the conference site, KUKA AMR’s new and innovative AMR products combined with scene solutions attracted many foreign audiences, professional media and industry experts to stop and communicate, and aroused widespread attention and consultation.

At this exhibition, KUKA, Swisslog and overseas outstanding automation exhibitors demonstrated to professional audiences, robot practitioners and technology enthusiasts the benefits brought by AMR mobile Robots in Industrial manufacturing, white goods, warehousing and logistics and other industries. The machine interaction scene solution impresses the professional audience with video and live Display, and lays a good foundation for KUKA AMR to establish brand recognition and create a new ecology.

Brand new products + flagship products + solutions

  • Brand new latent jacking AMR—KMP 600P-CU,

ProMAT 2023 first launch, will be sold worldwide

  • The flagship product—KMP 600S-2,

Hard-core products continue to empower intelligent logistics

  • New Generation CarryPick Goods-to-Person Solution
  • KUKA AMR + KUKA Robotics solution

new product


KUKA China launched a new AMR mobile robot—KMP 600P-CU, which is characterized by intelligence, flexibility, stability and efficiency. It is committed to improving operation efficiency, reducing labor costs, and realizing truly unmanned logistics operations. It is mainly used in warehousing and logistics scenarios.

KMP 600P-CU has a rated load of 600Kg. Based on the two-dimensional code navigation technology of KUKA Navigation Solution, it is stable and reliable, and can achieve high navigation positioning with millimeter-level accuracy and excellent navigation performance. The fastest running speed can reach 2m/s. The drive and steering are flexible, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

In addition, KMP 600P-CU is equipped with all-round safety protection such as single-line laser + touch sensor + sound alarm + light warning + emergency stop button, supports PL-d level safe wireless system, and complies with system-level UL and FCC certifications. Greatly guarantee the safety of the site, it has the advantages and characteristics of high safety and reliability, excellent performance, intelligence and flexibility, and high system robustness.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

On display at the exhibition is a red model specially customized for Swisslog. This product can be customized in batches according to customer needs, and can also be used as a basic chassis to add different upper modules to meet the needs of actual scenarios.


New Generation CarryPick Goods-to-Person Solution

At this exhibition, the new generation of CarryPick goods-to-person solution shined at the Swisslog booth. This solution consists of four parts: KUKA AMR (KMP 600P-CU) + mobile shelf + picking station + Swisslog SynQ WMS warehouse management software.

The solution can be perfectly imported into existing customer scenarios, and can be expanded and migrated in a short period of time. Mobile shelves can meet the customization of items of different sizes and shapes, which is very important for enterprises with a wide variety of products that need to flexibly match product sizes and frequent changes in quantity.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

The biggest feature of the system is the use of the more flexible and flexible KUKA new generation AMR—KMP 600P-CU, which perfectly appeared on the scene with a touch of blush and received countless eyes and attention. The joining of KMP 600P-CU can improve the transportation efficiency and the overall system Performance, fast landing and deployment, without affecting daily operations, further shortening the customer’s return on investment cycle.

leading product

KMP 600S-2

KMP 600S-2 is a KUKA AMR star product for overseas markets. It is characterized by intelligence, high efficiency, safety and stability. It is committed to becoming the core carrier to solve the bottleneck of production and logistics, and to provide better solutions for logistics automation.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

Based on the KUKA Navigation Solution, KMP 600S-2 uses laser SLAM navigation technology, does not require environmental modification, has high positioning accuracy, can operate stably in a dynamic environment, independently plans paths, automatically avoids obstacles, and completes logistics flexibly and efficiently transport tasks.

KMP 600S-2 has a high protection level, and the protection level of the whole machine can reach IP54, which can easily cope with dust and water vapor environments, and can be widely used in industrial manufacturing scenarios. Equipped with safety laser radar, safety PLC, emergency stop button, PL-d level safety wireless system, in line with CE safety standards, safe, stable and reliable.


KUKA AMR + KUKA Robotics

At the KUKA booth, the KUKA AMR + KUKA Robotics solution uses KMP 600S-2 to cooperate with two KUKA Robotics to complete automatic depalletizing and unmanned handling. value.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

According to the production instructions, KMP 600S-2 can accurately arrive at the designated location and pick up the goods accurately, and automatically transport them to the designated area such as the production line. It is intelligent, flexible, flexible and efficient, reduces human errors, and solves the problems of high frequency of handling, high labor intensity and risk factor for customers. Multiple problems and pain points such as high cost and high labor cost.

In the current complex environment, the logistics manufacturing industry is facing various challenges, including low-cost small-batch manufacturing, shorter product life cycle, faster delivery time, lower unit manufacturing cost, the loss of senior skilled workers, product traceability and quality Ask to wait. Facing many challenges, KUKA AMR plays an important role in smart logistics and can customize flexible and automated logistics solutions for customers.

In terms of technology leadership, product stability, rich application scenarios and brand awareness, KUKA AMR has rapidly grown into a well-known provider of AMR logistics robot intelligent equipment and system solutions in the industry, serving more domestic and overseas customers. Customers provide an integrated solution of high-quality, highly intelligent AMR mobile robot + software system.

KUKA AMR’s new products debut at ProMAT 2023

In the future, KUKA AMR will further expand the pace of globalization, consolidate technological advantages, improve product performance, focus on the industrial field, and provide services for global customers. We will bring more innovative products and solutions to all parts of the world, empower more enterprises to achieve smart manufacturing upgrades, and work with partners to create a new generation of smart logistics, making human life and work easier.

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