KTV Industry Summit on Jianyoudi Robot Shows Walking Strength

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On April 15th, the artificial intelligence & Mobile internet KTV Industry Summit hosted by Haimei Entertainment and co-organized by iFLYTEK was held in Hefei. KTV industry agents and leaders of national chain KTV brands attended the summit. The summit specially invited Liu Dazhi, co-founder of Shenzhen Youdi Technology Co., Ltd., to discuss the prospects of artificial intelligence + KTV industry with industry experts.

At the meeting, Liu Dazhi was the first to speak on the future upgrading and transformation of KTV.He believes that the introduction of KTVrobotIt can deepen the imprint of fashion trends and create brand differentiation advantages. “Our robot is based on the unmanned technology framework, and has assembled six walking segments, which are very flexible in walking and avoiding obstacles.” Liu Dazhi said, “At present, our Robots have been used in KTV, hotels, hospitals and other scenarios.”

KTV Industry Summit on Jianyoudi Robot Shows Walking Strength

Liu Dazhi, co-founder of UDI Technology, delivered a speech

According to reports, Udi Robot uses lidar navigation, which does not require any modification to the environment. The user only needs to click on the destination, and the robot will automatically lead the way. It will automatically avoid pedestrians or objects on the way. After completing the task, it will automatically return to the welcome location and wait for the next task. In the past, customers needed to find their own way after placing an order. Now, with UDI robots, customers can reduce their way-finding time and improve the entire service process. In addition, the robot also has functions such as welcoming guests, delivering meals, and intelligent voice.

KTV Industry Summit on Jianyoudi Robot Shows Walking Strength

UDI Robot leads the way for guests at the summit site

The participating brands all have outstanding “transcripts” in the KTV industry. Taking Youdi Technology as an example, it is the first service robot brand to enter the KTV industry, and it is also the most widely distributed service robot brand in the industry. Well-known brands such as Pure K, Yinledi, Haoledi, and Qiangui are its partners. After more than half a year of trials, UDI Robot has not only withstood the test of the market, but also accumulated a good reputation with its continuously optimized user experience.

The popularity of the Internet + concept has provided a new development model for traditional KTV. The emergence of AI+ has provided the industry with opportunities for innovation and differentiated competition. Like the theme of the summit, the upgrading and transformation of the traditional KTV industry has always been inseparable from the power of the Internet and artificial intelligence.

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